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Choosing the Best Easter Flowers for Your Loved Ones This April

With Easter on its way, it’s time to prepare for the changing of the seasons and some much-needed family time. The holiday often brings quality time with your loved ones in the form of festive brunches or dinners and the classic Easter egg hunt for the kids — and the beautiful weather is just the cherry on top of it all. This April, you might be wondering what you can bring to the table and, luckily, flowers are always a good answer. Here are the best Easter flowers for all of your family and friends:

Send a Bouquet with Tulips This April

You can’t always be with the ones you love to celebrate the holidays, but that doesn’t mean you can’t take the time to show them you care. Consider sending a bouquet to any friends or family who you won’t be with this Easter to brighten their day to remind them of your love and appreciation. If you’re trying to find the perfect flower to do the trick, tulips are a fitting choice. They will also bring a spring feel to any home. 

Teleflora’s Tulip Treasure features an assortment of multi-colored pastel tulips to encapsulate the spirit of Easter. These flowers have soft spring colors that add a touch of simple elegance anywhere they’re placed and they’re a sweet token of love for the people you care about. Or, consider sending Teleflora’s Spring Favorites, which includes pink roses, red tulips, yellow irises and purple hyacinth, to cheer up someone you love far away this April.   

Bring an Arrangement with Lilies to the Family Gathering

With all of the festivities to come, it’s a good idea not to show up empty-handed. If you’re attending a family gathering this April, you might consider bringing a stunning arrangement to add a little color and life to the celebration. A bouquet of flowers with lilies is a lovely way to refresh your loved ones’ home for the holiday and bring an air of spring to the table. 

Something like Teleflora’s Playful Daisy Bouquet or Teleflora’s Pretty and Posh Bouquet might be the perfect addition to any get-together this Easter. These arrangements feature roses, pink Asiatic lilies and an assortment of other colorful flowers to make the occasion cheerful and bright. Or a classic Easter Lily will do the trick!

You Can Never Go Wrong with a Bouquet of Roses

When it comes to choosing the best flowers for your friends and family, roses are never a bad choice. These flowers are a timeless symbol of love and beauty and they’re always great for the holidays. But, with springtime in our sights, it’s best to avoid the classic red rose and go for an arrangement of roses with lighter or pastel colors instead. 

Teleflora’s Lavender Meadow Bouquet features all of your favorite spring flowers in one, including light yellow roses, lavender stock, purple tulips and miniature yellow carnations. This charming pastel arrangement is reminiscent of an English garden in spring and it’s certainly a fitting Easter gift. 

Easter is coming up quickly and this April, it’s a great idea to include flowers in your festivities — whether it’s a gift for loved ones far away or a token of appreciation at your traditional gathering. Explore Teleflora for more of our favorite Easter flowers today. Pink and green flowers in a purple vase on table

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