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Choosing a Bouquet of Flowers for Your Desk

When you're in search of a bouquet of flowers to add to your desk, you may want to consider an arrangement that will match the season. 

Trending Bouquets for Fall

When fall arrives the most beloved colors are rich hues like golds, orange, reds and browns. Trending bouquets for autumn often include blossoms like dahlias, garden roses, hypericum berries and orchids. 

You'll want to stick with colorful, vibrant blooms that will make your desk feel like your own space. When you're spending eight hours a day, five days a week at your desk, you want it to be a place that's welcoming, and a bouquet is the perfect way to achieve that feeling.

When you're looking for some fall flowers to add to your desk, consider some of these trending blooms:

Carnations: Although not currently a trend, carnations are making a comeback. Their ruffled edges resemble peonies and there are a variety to choose from. Carnations also last a long time, so they're the perfect flower to choose to keep throughout fall. 

Roses: No matter the season, roses are always in. They're one of the most popular flowers and people continually use them in bouquets, including at their desk or office space.

Baby's breath: You frequently see baby's breath in wedding bouquets and centerpieces, but have you ever thought about adding them to your desk? It's a very simple arrangement if you want baby's breath by itself and always looks great in a combination.

Texture: If you really want to make your bouquet stand out in the fall, then you'll want to add texture. You can do this by choosing an arrangement that has twigs, pumpkins, gourds, fruits and vegetables. This trend is becoming increasingly popular as people want to add more of a "fall" feeling to their desk bouquets. 

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