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Celebrate National Good Neighbor Day

You’re running late – again. Your neighbor wants to chat – again. So what happens? You give a cheery, brief wave and leap into the car, trying not to spill your coffee. Another scenario: The kids are fractious, you’re going bonkers and your neighbor says hello. You can’t hear what he or she says, and pack the kids in the house for the evening, without acknowledging them. Our poor neighbors! 

We live in pretty close proximity to many interesting, friendly, and, many times, helpful people. But more often than not, we forget to say “hello” or take a moment to be kind. Well, it just so happens that National Good Neighbor Day is coming up on September 28th and this can be the opportune time to rekindle neighborly relationships. Here are a few ways to celebrate National Good Neighbor Day:


Bring Over Flowers

Flowers can make everyone smile, and it can be a lovely gesture to bring over a small arrangement or a potted plant to brighten a neighbor’s home. If you haven’t taken the time to visit with your neighbors recently, pick up some cheerful, seasonal flowers and stop over for a short visit. A colorful bouquet will serve as a thoughtful surprise, and you will have reconnected effortlessly. Or if you notice your neighbor has a green thumb, bring over a potted plant to add to their collection. Doing a bit of research before you pick the plant may mean it can eventually be transplanted and added to their garden.


Welcome New Residents

We’ve all been the new person in the neighborhood. With all the stresses surrounding a home move, it can also be difficult to meet people and make new friends in an unfamiliar location. Why not welcome the recent arrival with a beautiful housewarming gift?  Bringing over a small platter of food or a just-baked dish can work wonders in winning over the neighbors. Or, if you’re not much of the cooking/baking type, just a fruit basket/card combo could do the trick. For the most part, it really is the thought that counts – no one is going to turn down free stuff or a nice gesture. And don’t worry about over-thinking it; it’s really just a simple hello that newcomers appreciate.


Host an Open House

If you’re new to the neighborhood or want to reconnect with your neighbors, why not host a small open house gathering? You can decorate your home with beautiful flowers and provide some light snacks or appetizers to share. To really get to know your neighbors better, turn the event into a potluck, and ask other local residents to bring their favorite dishes and recipes.

With a little effort and some creativity, we can all be better neighbors to one another. Let this National Good Neighbor Day be a new, brilliant start to many relationships. You don’t have to be best friends with your neighbors to create a nice, respectful relationship. It will go far in the long run!

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