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How to Celebrate Labor Day 2016

With Labor Day fast approaching, it’s time to start considering how you’ll celebrate all the hard work you and your fellow Americans have done throughout the year. This holiday is all about kicking back, relaxing and enjoying the pride of a job well done. Whether you’re heading out for a weekend barbecue, hosting a party of your own or simply enjoying your time away from the office, you can brighten up the festivities with some well-placed flowers. Here’s a look at the history of Labor Day, along with some ideas for how to celebrate and which arrangements will bring your weekend off to life:


History of Labor Day
During the 19th century, employees had little to no rights when it came to their position relative to their employer. Companies could require any number of hours or days of work per week without giving any particular consideration to how this affected their work force. Moreover, safety conditions were minimal, if present at all. This led to a desperately exploited workforce – people were required to go along with their company’s expectations, no matter how unrealistic or unsafe they were.
Throughout the century, however, American workers banded together to ensure their rights to a reasonable, safe workplace. Labor Day was created to recognize the effort these workers put into securing their rights, as well as the work every American employee does each day to sustain the country’s economy.


Ways to Celebrate

Barbecues are a standby for Labor Day celebrations – in addition to partying on behalf of the year’s labor, the weekend also stands as an unofficial send-off to summer. However, there are plenty of other great ways to ring in this holiday. Even if you’re planning a cookout, these following ideas will make a great standby in the event of uncooperative weather:

All-White Party
Since Labor Day is the fashion world’s last chance to wear white, it makes for a great weekend to break out your favorite monochromatic outfit – plus, all-white parties are totally chic and utterly photogenic. Just let guests know about the dress code.

Spa Day
Have a fun pampering day where you reward yourself for your hard work throughout the year with a massage and a manicure. You can even invite friends to your day of R and R. Nails, massages, facials…there is no better way to send off summer.

Because Labor Day gives many people an extra day off and it’s right at the end of summer, it’s the perfect time for festivals. Towns across the country erect carnival rides, craft-fair tents and concert stages to celebrate. Consider attending one of these fun events with friends and family as an alternative to a cookout.


Floral Decoration Suggestions

No matter how you decide to ring in the day, give yourself some flowers as a reward for you and your guests’ hard work since last Labor Day. Go bright and sunny with the Garden Parade arrangement – the colorful blooms will look great on a picnic table. Or, if your decorations are sporting a red-white-and-blue theme, check out the America the Beautiful bouquet. An all-white party would go perfectly with a mostly white bouquet like our Beachside Bliss. The pops of blue will give a burst of color to your party’s look while still honoring the theme.


Whether you’re decorating for a large group or simply treating yourself to some flowers, our arrangements will be just the ticket for a perfect Labor Day.

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