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Celebrate Good Neighbor Day with an Ultimate Block Party

Now is the perfect time to throw a neighborhood block party just in time for Good Neighbor Day. This day is all about spreading kindness to your neighbors and spending time with those that are close to you – both literally and figuratively. When you’re looking to get back in touch with your favorite family down the street or wanting to get to know the new couple that moved in next door, you can throw a last-minute neighborhood party to bring everyone together. Here are the must-haves for throwing an unforgettable Good Neighbor Day block party.

Plan the Potluck

Not only are potlucks ideal when you’re looking to feed a large group of people, but they also give everyone the opportunity to show their neighbors just how delectable their famous green bean casserole or spinach artichoke dip really is. In addition to food, ask each guest to pick up other party essentials, such as disposable silverware, paper plates, cups, napkins and the likes. Check in with each of them to see what they plan on bringing and suggest any modifications they might want to make to adhere to any guests’ dietary restrictions. When each of your neighbors is in charge of bringing specific items, your block party guests won’t go hungry.

Don’t Leave Anyone Out

There are probably some of your neighbors you’ve tried to get to know but who just aren’t as willing to open up as others. And there might even be some that you’ve tried to get to know but just don’t mesh with. To throw a truly neighborly block party, you’ll need to make sure not to make your party an exclusive event. Drop an invitation in everyone’s mailbox; the ball is in their court whether or not they’d like to come. Even if they’re not interested, your thoughtfulness is the perfect gesture for Good Neighbor Day.

Create a Fun Playlist

It’s not a party without some good music, right? When you’re inviting guests across several generations, it might seem tricky to find tunes that will please everyone. Young guests might want to listen to Top 40 hits, but their parents might rather listen to the nostalgic staples they danced to and loved in college. To keep all parties invested and upbeat, make sure you include a variety of music styles. Mix in some modern-day hits with some upbeat ’80s music. If you’re too busy party-planning to make a good playlist, you can always rely on pre-made playlists. 

Don’t Forget the Decorations

Turn your casual meet-up into an all-out shindig with some decorations that can really bring your party to the next level. Whether you want to go with streamers, balloons and the works or just subtle candles and string lights, these small additions will be the perfect final touches. Go the extra mile and add fresh flowers to the tables, or if you’re the guest, bring them for the host of the party. Then just have fun!

Being a good neighbor every day is always encouraged, but Good Neighbor Day is the perfect excuse for a party!closeup of sunflowers, orange roses, and greenery on a tree stump

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