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Bring Stunning Fall Colors into Your Home

The quintessential New England fall season paints the hills, the valleys and the cities with awe-inspiring shades. The best and boldest displays occur as a result of what’s described as an old-fashioned winter – meaning lots of snow – a mild spring with the usual amount of rainfall and a summer that’s not too hot or damp. Then, around September, the weather needs to be cool and crisp with sunnier and warmer days for perfect leaf changes. If you can visit New England in the fall, you should definitely make the trip, but there are plenty of ways to bring this stunning display of fall colors into your home.


Brighten Up The Coffee Table

Do you generally arrange art or books on your coffee table? When fall rolls around, you may want move these out of the way and find a seasonally scented candle or two to infuse the room with cozy essences. To delight the eyes, a stately, leaf-inspired bouquet of flowers can become a focal point: An arrangement with many oranges, reds and yellows is reminiscent of the New England landscape. Pick a taller vase and it may even look like the trunk of a tree with the flowers bursting with color above.


If you prefer a stunning dining room centerpiece, look for flowers placed lower in a vase or basket – you still want to be able to see your friends and family around the table! When planning a fall-themed dinner, you may want to look for a combination of flowers and candles for some seasonally appropriate lighting and color to set a comfortable, pleasant mood.

Orange roses with leaves and more on table with apples

Add Small Bursts of Color

Bring the outdoors inside with small bouquets placed on occasional tables, or space bookshelves. For more subtle seasonal decor, pick one color for each collection and room. As an example, add orange roses in small vases in the living room, bright yellow flowers in the kitchen to cheer you up as you cook and some deep, ruby red bouquets in the bedroom.


Flowers are a wonderful way to enjoy the season’s colors in your home. Be creative, and don’t limit yourself to decorating the living room only – you may even want to put a tiny vase with a couple of fall flowers in the bathroom to cheer up the space. No matter what, enjoy the hues as much as you can. It’s an annual treat that everyone can enjoy.

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