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Bouquet of the Month: Deal of the Day Bouquet

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One of the best things you can do during these tough times is support a local business. Whether it’s your favorite bakery, restaurant, clothing company or accessory boutique, there are plenty of different small businesses that could use the assistance in this economy.

Another place that can highly benefit from your support? The local flower shop. These organizations are working hard to continue making the community happy through gorgeous floral arrangements and live greenery, but they need your help to ensure they can continue business as usual.

Thankfully, Teleflora makes supporting your local florist simple because they work with a network of over 10,000 florists so every bouquet is arranged and delivered by a local florist. We have even made it easier with our Deal of the Day bouquets.

What’s the Deal of the Day?

Teleflora’s Deal of the Day enables you to pick a price and let your local florist take the reins to design a gorgeous, unforgettable bouquet for that special someone in your life. Simply fill out the form, which asks you to select the occasion, the recipient, your price range and any additional accessories you want to send along with the flowers, such as chocolates, balloons or maybe even a stuffed animal.

All florists work with the freshest, in-season floral options and use their signature style and flair to create the bouquet. Just remember, flowers and designs will vary from one florist to the next.

Benefits of Deal of the Day

Beyond supporting your local florist, there are so many different advantages to choosing the Deal of the Day from Teleflora. Those include:

  • You choose your price. The Deal of the Day option is designed to make sending a hand-crafted bouquet that works within your budget simple and seamless. Choose between $50 to $200 for your flowers.

  • You don’t have to pick. Each floral arrangement is hand-crafted to perfectection by a local florist and the flower experts work off the information you put in the form to create the perfect piece. That’s why they’re the experts!

  • You make someone’s day. While ordering a Deal of the Day bouquet is sure to bring a smile to the local florist in your community, it’s also going to make the recipient so happy. Whether it’s your mother, sisters, another family member or friend, there are plenty of loving individuals who could really use the extra excitement in their lives.

  • Treat yourself. Sending the bouquet to yourself – that’s a great option too! You’ve been stuck inside your house for far too long, and you can only clean it so many times to make it feel rejuvenated. Add a gorgeous bouquet to the kitchen or living room for some additional freshness this spring.

Supporting local businesses during vulnerable instances reminds us how important they are to our communities at all times. Brighten someone’s day today with a one-of-a-kind Deal of the Day bouquet and show love to your favorite florist, as well as family members and friends!

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