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Blossoms you won’t believe at the Dubai Miracle Garden

Some things in nature are so stunning that you can hardly believe they're real.

The Dubai Miracle Garden is one place filled with such floral wonders. According to The Telegraph, there are more than 45 million flowers in this 72,000-square-meter garden, which opened on Valentine's Day. There are 30 different varieties of flowers, including marigolds, petunias and geraniums. While there are conventional flower-beds here, you'll also find some of them have been sculpted into awe-inspiring artwork in the shapes of hearts, stars and other forms. Already, this space holds the record in the Guinness Book for having the "Largest Vertical Garden," according to the its website. However, NBC News reported that the park owners are aiming to achieve the honors of "world's biggest flower clock" and "largest pyramid of flowers."

While strolling under arc-shaped walkways, you'll also spot a path coated in a rainbow of mini-umbrellas, flower pyramids that are 10 meters high and flower-covered vintage cars. The news outlet pointed out that Dubai is not a likely place for this kind of garden, but then again, that's perhaps why it has been dubbed a miracle.

It took a lot of work to create this magnificent place. According to NBC, 400 people worked for 60 days to finish it. The bill for the project? Nearly $11 million, according to estimates by Abdel Nasser Rahhal, general manager of Akar Landscaping Services and Agriculture.

A new experience every time
Since the garden will cycle through new attractions and feature different blooms each season, no two visits will be the same. One upcoming addition will be an aromatic garden, which will feature plants from all across the globe that have a naturally strong scent. While walking through, visitors will even be able to make their own cup of tea with the flowers. Another new aspect will be a flower watch, a clock constructed out of flowers and plants that will change through the seasons. There will also be restaurants, shops and even a children's play area on site with various magic shows and other entertainment. Farhan Shehzad, a project manager for the developers of the garden, told Emirates24|7 that one of the expansions is the new Butterfly Garden, which will likely be a major draw once the park re-opens. This attraction is part of the first phase of "Dubai Safari," which also includes a golf course and will open by March of next year.

Unsurprisingly, NBC reported that The Dubai Properties Group, a partner in the project, predicts the garden will attract one million tourists this year.

You might be wondering how they keep all of those blossoms looking fresh, especially in such a hot, dry climate.NBC reported that the peak season for flowers extends from the middle of October through the middle of May. Additionally, the news source noted that developers decided to implement an eco-friendly drip irrigation system, which uses recycled waste water to hydrate the flowers.

Still, many people have yet to discover this magnificent destination. The Gulf News explained that some visitors even regard it as a surprising "piece of Eden," as they stumbled on the attraction by mistake.

"I've never seen such a beautiful sight as this," said a Canadian who has been a Dubai resident for nine years, as quoted by the source.

Another visitor noted that the gardens are a perfect backdrop for a wedding.

The garden is currently closed, but it will reopen mid-October. Then, visitors can enjoy all of its attractions from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on weekdays, and until midnight on weekends. Children ages three and under are admitted at no charge.

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