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Best Last-Minute Christmas Gifts for 2017

Don’t worry if you’re behind on gift shopping! You don’t have to resort to gift cards or cash. Instead, find inspiration in these thoughtful, last-minute Christmas gifts for 2017:


Deal of the Day Florals

Christmas flowers and winter bouquets are gorgeous ways to let your friends and family know you’re thinking of them during the holiday season. If you’re really cutting it close on time or are unsure which arrangement they would like, our Deal of the Day flower arrangements are for you! You pick your price, and a local florist will design a one-of-kind, artisanal arrangement using the fresh, seasonal flowers that are available.


Gift Shop Goodies

When you’re out of time to order online, support your local book and gift shops to score quirky, fun presents. Jewelry, socks, bags, pencil cases, stickers, posters, cookbooks, wine glasses, mugs, ceramic dishes, name plaques, coasters, notebooks, calendars, games, scratch maps—they have it all. With such a wide selection, it’s usually easy to find a gift with a cute saying or design that makes it feel more personal for the recipient. Bonus: These stores typically have tissue paper and ribbon to wrap the gifts. Thirty minutes to an hour later, and you’ll be totally done with your gift shopping!


Plenty of Accessories

Socks, scarves, gloves and winter hats are perfect for all ages. Grab a matching set or mix and match for a gift they’ll use all winter long. Your friends and family will love earrings, bracelets, necklaces and rings for years to come, and will think of you every time they wear them. For the men on your list, look for ties and socks with funky patterns. Accessorize their rooms with succulents in decorative pots, string lights or throw pillows. Give your tech-obsessed loved ones charging stands, headphones or device cases.


Team Pride

If they’re sports fans, they’re guaranteed to love any gift emblazoned with their favorite team’s logo. Think jerseys, shirts, hoodies, bobbleheads, socks, coasters, posters, bags, gloves, pencils and notebooks. You can even get them tickets to an upcoming game, or check out the team’s holiday ticket package deals. You can usually order these online and they’ll send the link to you in minutes. If your friend or family member doesn’t have a favorite, go for your local team or a generic sports gift.


Gift Sets

Most stores offer festive collections and mini-assortments of their products during the holidays. They’re easy to get, and people love getting a selection of products. Make it a tad more personal by choosing a store or theme they love. For beauty gurus, makeup or perfume collections are the way to go. Moleskine, pen or sticky note sets are great for students or writers on your list. Cocktail or bar accessories, lotion and bath sets or candle gift collections are perfect for co-workers, parents or friends. Plus, gift sets need minimal wrapping, which is ideal for your time crunch.


Everyone on your list will love that you put the effort into finding them a fabulous gift. You’ve got this. Happy last-minute shopping!


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