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Best Flowers to Send for National Senior Citizens’ Day

Did you know that Senior Citizens’ Day is on August 21st? It’s the perfect opportunity to show your elders how much you love and appreciate them. Take time this month to make your grandparents feel special with a kind gesture, such as arranging a phone call, planning a family get-together or sending a gift. Staying connected with these important family members helps them avoid loneliness and keeps them engaged as they age.

Whether you plan on visiting your grandparents on Senior Citizens’ Day, or want to send a gift in the mail, consider shipping them one of the following beautiful flower arrangements this month:

  1. Sweet as a Daisy

Show your grandparents how much sunshine they bring your life with a gorgeous daisy plant. Placed in a terra-cotta pot, these yellow daisies make a gorgeous statement on the front porch or inside near a sunny, open window.

  1. Teleflora’s Grand Garden Bouquet

We can all agree that grandparents are indeed grand. Let your loved ones know how much you appreciate them through this fabulous bouquet of mixed flowers in a vintage-inspired botanical vase. The arrangement is made up of peach spray roses, white Asiatic lilies, purple alstroemeria and lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums surrounded with seeded eucalyptus and pitta negra.

  1. Teleflora’s Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet

Perfect for Mother’s Day, Grandparents’ Day or Senior Citizens Day, this Butterfly Sunrise Bouquet can brighten up your loved one’s life, even outside this holiday. Encased in a gorgeous teacup painted with colorful butterflies, your grandparent can repurpose the “vase” for beverages in the future. This colorful bouquet is made up of peach roses, peach spray roses, yellow alstroemeria, lavender cushion spray chrysanthemums, lavender sinuata statice and variegated pittosporum.

  1. Teleflora’s Victorian Teacup Bouquet

Another gorgeous mug arrangement- complete with matching saucer – the Victorian Teacup bouquet makes an elegant touch for any gift-giving season. The charming, floral teacup mimics its bouquet, which is made up of crème roses, pink spray roses, pink miniature carnations and delicate pink limonium.

  1. His Favorite Ford F1 Pickup by Teleflora

Did your grandfather take up car remodeling as a hobby? Then he’ll love  His Favorite Ford F1 Pickup by Teleflora. Perfect for Father’s Day, Grandparents’ Day and Senior Citizens’ Day, this succulent arrangement is encased in a small and charming ceramic replica of a 1948 Ford F1 pickup truck. It’s easy to care for and reminicent of something he loves!

  1. Teleflora’s Peaceful Zen Garden

If you’re looking for a less extravagant bouquet, perhaps you’ll lean more toward the Zen Garden. Encased in a gorgeous brown bamboo container, your grandparents will love the easy-to-care-for succulents that are accented with smooth river rocks and canes of bamboo.


No matter how you choose to celebrate, just make the day just a little more special for your grandparents! A smile from them is worth everything.

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