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Best Flowers for Leos in Your Life

July is the month of Leo, represented by the lion as the kings and queens of the jungle. Much like these wild beasts, the Leo in your life is dominant, spontaneous and creative, while also being very loving and warmhearted.

With such charm and charisma, how do you find a birthday present that matches the same sentiment? Flowers make a gracious gift no matter the sign, but there is one set of flowers for Leos that match this fire sign’s loving and generous personality: the sunflowers. These attention-grabbing summer favorites can make the perfect impression on any Leo, showing a sign of happiness, warmth, love and graciousness.

Here are a few of our favorite summer bouquets that match the confidence, strength and spirit of your favorite Leo:

Retro Road Tripper Bouquet

The flowers in this bouquet are almost as charming as the vase they’re delivered: Teleflora’s Retro Road Tripper Camper. This arrangement is bursting at the seams with colors that are sure to wow that Leo love in your life. It’s made up of orange spray roses, yellow sunflowers, yellow button spray chrysanthemums, green cushion spray chrysanthemums, blue eryngium, blue sinuata statice, parvifolia eucalyptus, solidago and leatherleaf fern.Sunflowers and roses fill a camper vase


Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer Bouquet

A vibrant bunch of sunflowers matches the blossoming big personality of any Leo. Teleflora’s Sunny Day Pitcher of Cheer Bouquet isn’t only full of gorgeous flowers, it also leaves you with a yellow ceramic pitcher that’s perfect for mixing your favorite seasonal drink at the summer get-together. In this arrangement, you’ll find yellow sunflowers are gathered with seeded eucalyptus and green salal into a yellow ceramic pitcher.Sunflowers and orange roses fill a yellow pitcher

You’re Golden Bouquet

You can’t get enough of the stunning sunflowers with this gorgeous arrangement. It’s simple and straightforward but is sure to put a smile on the face of the warmhearted Leo you love and cherish. It’s made up of bright sunflowers that are arranged with delicate oregonia, magnolia leaves, lemon leaf and moss, and it’s delivered in Teleflora’s Bamboo Cube.Sunflowers fill a bamboo cube container

Sunny Sunflowers

Whether you want to surprise a Leo for their birthday, send well wishes after a big event or simply put a smile on their face after a long day, the Sunny Sunflowers arrangement can get the job done. Another simple bouquet that makes quite the impression, it’s made up of sunflowers, orange roses, green bupleurum, salal leaves and a curly willow set inside of a glass bubble bowl.Sunflowers and orange roses in clear vaseWhether you’re searching for a set of sunflowers for that lovely Leo or you would prefer a different arrangement, Teleflora has a variety of bouquets to choose from. Browse through our seasonal flowers today to find the perfect flowers for Leos and any other confident zodiac sign!

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