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Beat the August Heat with These Cooldown Tricks

In some areas of the country, August and September are the hottest months of the year. While sitting inside all day is not ideal, nobody wants to melt in the sweltering sun. Here are some ways to have fun while still getting to enjoy the fresh air and beating the august heat:

Visit a Water Park

A water park is a perfect place to keep kids entertained without hearing constant complaining about the hot weather. Best of all, while they are running from ride to ride, you may be able to relax a little bit on the umbrella-covered lounge chairs.

Have a Water Fun Day at Home

If visiting a water park is not an option, you can still experience a similar thrill at home. Water balloons, slip-in-slides, sprinklers and water guns can lead to countless hours of fun in the sun. Best of all, you can enjoy all the excitement without leaving the house.

Throw a Pool Party

If you have a pool, invite family and friends over to beat the August heat by splashing in the water. While you can keep your event low-key, decorate your pool area with summer flowers to brighten up the day.

Find a Shady Tree

A shady tree can provide solace from the strong sun, while still allowing you to spend time outside. In the shaded area, you can have a picnic, read a book, practice meditation or even take a nap. If there are no big trees around your home, walk or drive to a local park to see if there are any available shady spots.

Take a Trip to an Outdoor Mall

Taking a trip to an outdoor mall is a great way to balance being inside and outside. As you walk from store to store you will get a breath of fresh air without getting too hot. Entering the air-conditioned stores will be the perfect relief from the heat.

Eat Ice Cream

While this solution is not perfect, eating a cold treat will certainly cool your body down. If you need a break from staying inside but are worried about getting too hot outside, enjoy ice cream as you sit under the sun. You could even make the ice cream yourself if you are looking for an activity to keep the kids entertained while you are indoors.

Finding activities to do in August that do not involve sitting inside all day can be a challenge. However, planning water activities, finding a shady spot, going to the mall and eating a cool treat are ways to venture outdoors without getting too hot.

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