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Answers to All Your Flower Questions

There are few things as romantic as a gorgeous bouquet of flowers. Whether they’re given on the first date of a budding romance, or on an anniversary to keep the fire alive, there are a lot of myths and traditions regarding the gift of flowers. For example, the man is suppose to buy flowers for the woman and roses are the most romantic flowers to send. These traditions are outdated! We’re getting to the bottom of some of the most common questions people have about flowers:


Can Women Buy Men Flowers?

There isn’t any reason that bouquets should be reserved solely for women. Most often, when a man buys a woman flowers, he isn’t buying them for the sake of purchasing a fragrant bloom. It’s so he can let her know that he’s thinking of her. Flowers are an inexpensive way to brighten someone’s day and show that you care. Many women buy their boyfriends or husbands small presents or bake them cookies to let them know how much they love them, but it’s the thought that counts! In fact, many men would be surprised and excited to receive a bouquet! So, the next time you want to congratulate your man or tell him you love him, send him some flowers!


What Flowers Are Romantic?

Roses might be considered the most romantic flowers by some, but that definitely isn’t a universal opinion. All depends on your loved one’s (or future loved one) personal preference. For example, a vibrant, exotic lily bouquet is beautiful and sensual. You can also opt for a delicate flower like gardenias or irises. Lilies also have a long life span, so your beloved will be able to keep his or her bouquet alive and thriving for quite some time! If the person you’re looking to buy flowers for has a green thumb, you can even opt for a potted flower, like an orchid. Keep this in mind the next time you find that all of the roses are sold out on Valentine’s Day! Picking someone’s favorite flower is far more romantic than getting a standard “popular” bouquet.


What Flowers Should You Give for Different Occasions?

Different types of flowers are more appropriate for certain occasions. For example, though you may give a bouquet of roses to your girlfriend for Valentine’s Day, you might want to give her something bright and cheery for a “just thinking of you” gift. Different types of flowers have different meanings as well. Some of the most common flower-giving reasons include birthdays, romantic occasions, and funerals. For a birthday, give your loved one a bouquet made up of his or her favorite colored flowers. This is the best time to be creative and customize your bouquet. A romantic bouquet is best for first dates, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. When getting flowers for a funeral, you’ll want to keep the color scheme muted and tasteful with blooms like lilies and gladiolus.

What Should the Card That Comes with the Flowers Say?

Nothing freezes people up like the pressure of writing the right message on the card that accompanies flowers they’re giving to their loved ones. While the flowers are certainly the selling point, the message inside the card could make or break what you’re trying to accomplish with the delivery. When you’re drawing a total blank, there’s no harm in going to with something short, simple and sweet. If you’re sending flowers as an apology, be sure to enclose a card that shows genuine remorse, while also letting him or her know how much you care. If you’re sending flowers for a romantic occasion, include that you love him or her and consider enclosing an inside joke that just the two of you will understand, for a little personal touch. Floral deliveries are always more heartfelt when there’s a sentimental message attached to them.


Hopefully we were able to answer some of your questions. If you have any more, share below and we would be happy to help you out!

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