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Garden Roses instead of peonies for your bridal bouquet

Garden Roses instead of peonies for your bridal bouquet

Centifolia roses aka: Cabbage roses, Provence or English Garden roses:

English garden roses or cabbage roses are one of our favorite flowers for weddings!

They are named Centifolia for their “one hundred” petals and are called “cabbage” roses due to the globular shape of the blooms.

Their look and feel is very feminine and romantic. They work well in creating a soft, old-fashioned and romantic bridal bouquet. Perfect for use in an on-trend rustic/vintage theme wedding or a classic wedding; these roses will never look dated or out of style.

They are a great substitute for peonies, which are an expensive seasonal spring flower. When a bride requests peonies out of season, most florists will suggest cabbage/garden roses instead – as they are available in spring, summer and early fall.

Compare our juxtapose images – can you tell the difference?
Garden roses, cabbage roses

Garden Roses tend to open very quickly and once bloomed can be quite large. They hold up well without a lot of water and can stand direct sun. Making them a perfect choice for summer bridal bouquets.

Things to consider before buying cabbage roses:

This variety of rose is very fragrant, with a very strong and sweet aroma, so it may be best not to use them if you or your wedding guests have floral allergies or are sensitive to strong scents.

Handle your bridal bouquet with care, as oils from your hands can cause bruises on the delicate petals. This is especially true with white and ivory roses.

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