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Acts of Kindness for National Do Something Nice Day

Many people try and “pay it forward,” meaning if they are on the tail end of a surprise, they will do something equally kind to another person. Often times, this occurs with a complete stranger, but that doesn’t always have to be the case…just makes a random act of kindness that much sweeter when it’s a random person. For those who aren’t aware, National Do Something Nice Day is coming up on October 5th There are a ton of cute, quirky, fun and mysterious ways that we can all generate some good karma and be kind to those around us. Here are a few of our favorite ways to do a little good on National Do Something Nice Day:

Make a Surreptitious Purchase
That guy in line behind you at Starbucks with the twin toddlers howling? He could use a neat gesture. Why not go ahead and purchase his coffee order for him and his kids. That nice couple at the bar? Go ahead and buy them a drink each, but ask the bartender not to serve them their complimentary beverages while you’re still sitting there; wait until you’ve paid your bill and left. If you’ve never been on the tail end of such a kind, thoughtful surprise freebie, it can be a truly amazing feeling to know that you’ve made someone’s day!

Send an Unexpected Gift
Timing a gift to arrive on National Do Something Nice Day is a wonderful way to brighten someone’s day. You don’t ever need an excuse to send flowers, chocolate, a new book or beautiful piece of jewelry, so why not select a gorgeous token of your appreciation and pop it in the mail to arrive Oct. 5? A beautiful Deal of the Day bouquet is the perfect way to say hello and add a pop of color to someone’s life. They are local florist designed and made with the season’s freshest blooms! It’s up to you whether you reveal your identity with the gift; sometimes it can be more fun to keep things a secret. Of course, the decision is yours and whomever you send a gift to will love it.

Complete a Dreaded Task
Everyone has a family member or housemate who complains about one chore or another. Some people loathe washing the dishes, others put off doing laundry for so long that they have to run out and buy new underwear. While you shouldn’t be the one doing undergarment purchases, it can be a wonderful act of kindness to do a chore you know that someone else avoids at all costs. Go ahead and wash the dishes. Clean the house while everyone is out. Get up earlier on a sunny day and wash your significant other’s car, or scrub out the tub and the toilet, rather than leaving it to someone else. You’ll feel pretty cheery about helping out, and by taking a task off your loved one’s hands, they’ll be free to help you out too!

Do Something Nice Day is a wonderful reminder that we can all be kinder to one another. While you can’t go buying coffee for everyone in line all the time, you can do something nice for other people on a regular basis. From holding a door open to let people pass, or carrying an old person’s groceries to his or her car, sometimes the smallest things make the biggest difference. Together, we can all try to make society a little bit brighter this week.

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  1. Meenakshi Singh says

    I love my nation. I love my India. I proud to be Indian. Yes, I agreed to do something Nice Day with cute, quirky, fun and mysterious ways that we can all generate some good karma and be kind to those around us. Happy Nice Day!!

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