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A Husband’s Ultimate Gift Guide for Mother’s Day

It’s the final countdown to Mother’s Day. Maybe you’ve been planning it for months, or maybe you’re starting to panic right now because you haven’t figured out what to do for your wife. It’s not just up to the kids to make Mother’s Day special. You should treat her like a queen, which means having a set plan for the day. Especially when you’re the father of young kids, it’s your responsibility to take charge of making Mom feel special this Sunday. Have you got breakfast in bed covered? How about a card? Once you’ve covered the basics, it’s time to think more deeply on ways you’ll take your wife’s day from good to perfect.

Having the right gift ready will have her feeling the love. This task might seem daunting, especially for the pickiest of wives, but it’s important nonetheless. Here’s our husband’s gift guide to provide your soulmate with the Mother’s Day she wants and deserves:

Sentimental Framed Photo

In today’s technology-heavy world, it isn’t often that we print the photos we take on our phones. Usually, they just get uploaded to Facebook or Instagram, accompanied by a cute caption and attracting a plethora of likes and comments. Because we’re so used to seeing our favorite photos on our phone and computer screens, it makes it all the more special when we have a hard copy of a picture to admire. Maybe she loved the photo you took of her and the kids on your last vacation. Or perhaps she could use an updated picture of your children for her desk at work. Have the photo professionally printed and fit to the size of a frame that matches the aesthetic of her office, bedroom or wherever else you believe she will put this keepsake.

Customized Cutting Board

This is something we’ve been seeing all over the internet lately that has really caught our eye. A fun wooden cutting board will make meal prep all the more enjoyable for the whole family. There are plenty of options you can choose from, including some with initials or last names, funny expressions and references to her favorite shows and movies. Plenty of Etsy shops make cutting boards in the shapes of different states. Getting her one in the shape of her home state will have her thinking of home and proud of her roots. Print out a picture and let her know that you are having something customized just for her, if it won’t come on time.

Membership to a Wine Club (or Other Subscription Box)

Subscription services are all the rage these days. Why not give in to this fad while supplying her with something you know she’ll use? Browse the web for different wine clubs you can sign your wife up for. If your wife isn’t much of a drinker, there are plenty of other fun memberships you can sign her up for. You might sign her up for an online personal styling box; these are perfect for moms who want to mix up their wardrobes but are too busy to go on a shopping spree. If she’s a bookworm, sign her up for a monthly book subscription service to help her find new authors and pore over novels she otherwise wouldn’t have picked up in a bookstore. The options are endless.

Spa-Quality Robe

Your wife is the best, so she deserves the best, right? You can help her feel at ease and relaxed every day by giving her a high-end bathrobe. Choose between different colors and fabrics — organic cotton, microfiber or velour — and align these features with your budget. As your wife wears it while preparing for bed and getting ready for the day, she’ll feel extravagant and regal — just like the goddess she is.

Stunning Piece of Jewelry

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend, right? Well, you don’t have to go all out when shopping for jewelry to show your appreciation for your wife’s hard work. No matter your budget, you can find an elegant piece of jewelry to make her day.

Beautiful Bouquet

Giving your wife flowers isn’t exactly a groundbreaking suggestion, and for good reason. A nice arrangement is a timeless gift that your wife will appreciate for weeks to come. Surprise her with a bouquet of her favorite flowers. We have a selection of Mother’s Day flowers that fits any woman’s style.


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