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A Guide to a Great Valentine’s Day

Feeling romantic yet? The holiday filled with love, chocolate and flowers is less than two weeks away. Here’s your guide to a great Valentine’s Day whether you are in a relationship or celebrating with friends:

The Thoughtful Gift

Even if you’re the kind of couple who agrees on no gifts, it’s still nice to brighten your significant other’s day with a stunning bouquet of fresh flowers. Choose the perfect Valentine’s Day flowers today and schedule delivery for Feb.14 so you don’t have to stress at the last minute. If you want to go beyond flowers, write them a heartfelt love letter or fill a jar with enough date ideas to last you all year. For more inspiration, think about their personal favorites, such as movies or travel destinations. Next, think about what they’ve been talking about recently. They may have dropped some helpful hints!

For her, consider gifts, such as:

  • At-home spa essentials, like body lotion, bath bombs and candles
  • A new sweater, scarf or purse
  • Shiny new jewels, such as bangles or earrings
  • Tickets to an upcoming concert or theater performance

He may prefer gifts like:

  • Grooming accessories, such as a vintage shaving set or beard oil
  • A new watch
  • A record player or Bluetooth speaker
  • Tickets to a brewery tour or wine tasting

Of course Valentine’s Day is about showing your significant other some love, but it’s also about spending time as a couple. Don’t feel bad about planning a weekend getaway or buying tickets to an event that you’ll also enjoy. This special day is supposed to make both of you happy!

The Romantic Date

If you’re in a traditional mood, go for the classic dinner reservation for an evening of decadent eats. And yes, Valentine’s Day is a valid reason to indulge in both a bottle of wine and dessert. If that’s not your scene, you can create your own dining experience at home. Set the mood with some candles, music and flowers, and surprise your significant other with their favorite dinner when they get home from work. Even better, shower them with love at the start of the day with breakfast in bed. While food is the way to many hearts, here are other date ideas for you and yours:

  • Spend the evening touring a new exhibit at a local museum
  • Book a luxury hotel room suite for the night
  • Treat yourselves to a couples massage
  • Have an old-school game night – with wine or cocktails of course
  • Recreate your first date

The Friends and Family Edition

While red roses and romance are staples of Valentine’s Day, this loving holiday isn’t just about your significant other. It’s also an opportunity to share your love with your fabulous friends and family. Send them flowers too, or get the kids involved in some holiday-themed activities. You can bake sugar cookies with pink and red icing and sprinkles, cut fruit into heart shapes or create these sweet Valentine’s Day crafts from Parenting magazine. You can also plan a special family evening, such as making a blanket fort to watch movies or making dinner together. Not only will you enjoy quality time as a family, but you can also nurture the kids’ emotional sides. Plus, it never hurts to hear how much they love you, too.

No matter how you decide to honor the holiday this year, here’s to a lovely Valentine’s Day celebration!

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