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A Flower Guide for Outdoor Summer Weddings

A Flower Guide for Outdoor Summer Weddings

Planning a summer wedding can be a lot of hard work. Friends and family are trying to plan their vacations, and the hot summer weather is unpredictable. You have a thousand minute details to plan and remember. Of course, one of these is the flower arrangements. Flowers are an essential aspect of any summer wedding, but selecting an array that work well for your big day can be tricky. Here are several tips for finding the perfect flowers for a summer wedding.

Choose Flowers That Last All Day

If the weather is too hot and your wedding takes place outdoors, some flowers won't stand up to the extreme temperature and might not last throughout the day. Buying wedding flowers that are in season locally will help ensure that they are able to adapt to the normal weather fluctuations in the area. Working with florists that are near your wedding location will help prevent your flowers from spending too much time in transit. Sunflowers are remarkably resistant to heat and can generally handle tough weather conditions. The bright yellow color will complement the radiant, sunny days of summer.

Go for Bold

Bright and vibrant flowers will help give your wedding that extra pop. Flowers in bloom will provide the most color and variety. Formal, traditional ceremonies might require a different color palette than a casual ceremony, so consider flowers that are appropriate for the venue. Lilies, lilacs, sunflowers, roses and hydrangeas all have varieties that bloom in summer.

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Attention to Details

Though all of your flowers should go with the overall theme of your wedding, remember that flowers serving different functions can speak individually. What flowers are in your bouquet? Is the groom wearing a boutonniere? What flowers are going in the centerpieces? All of these flowers can adhere to the same motif while also being individually distinguished.

Be Mindful of Time

Your wedding is a tremendous moment in your life that you'll want to enjoy. Summer days are long and the flowers will likely be out as you pose for wedding photos. The last thing you want to have to focus on all day are your bouquets, but remember, pictures are forever. You'll want your flowers to look their best when snapping photographs. Keeping your flowers well watered and out of direct sunlight will help them stay fresh for the long haul.

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