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6 Ways to Prepare for Daylight Saving Time

It's that time of year again – we're almost ready to spring forward for daylight saving time (this year, we switch the clocks on March 8). While many struggle with the fact that spring's daylight saving change means losing an hour of sleep, there are some exciting things about it. It means longer hours of daylight in the evening and that spring is (finally!) around the corner. So, to get ready for that extra sunshine, warmer weather and everything that comes with springtime, here are six tips for preparing your home for daylight saving time:

1. Decorate the Patio With Some Plants
It's almost time to start spending your evenings relaxing on your patio, so do a little patio prep. Clean the furniture, change the lightbulbs, sweep the floor and add some container plants to make it look inviting and pretty. Start with some evergreens while the weather is still a little chilly, such as a dwarf Alberta spruce or a topiary juniper. As the weather warms up, add container plants that will thrive in the spring, like tulips and daffodils.

2. Clean the Grill
Are you looking forward to barbecue season? If so, scrubbing the dust from your grill should be an important part of your spring cleaning to-do list. Use dish soap to cut through any leftover dirt and grease that's been sitting on your grill all winter, and soon it'll be squeaky clean and ready for hot dogs and hamburgers!

3. Freshen Up Your Garden
If it isn't quite warm enough for you to start planting your favorite spring flowers, you can at least freshen up your garden to get it looking healthy, happy and ready for new seasonal additions. On one of the warmer early spring days, head outside and start pulling weeds and pruning dead branches and plants. Then, spread a new layer of mulch around your healthy garden plants to keep them that way until you're ready to plant more.

4. Pick Up a Spring Centerpiece
Nothing says spring is coming like a beautiful spring centerpiece for your dining room table. Celebrate daylight saving time with a pretty bouquet of spring blooms, like carnations, tulips, chrysanthemums, gerberas or hyacinth. 

Teleflora's Polka Dots and Posies arrangement comes with vibrant pink roses and white daisies that fit the season beautifully. Plus, they come in a cube vase that's tied with a cute polka-dotted ribbon that you can use as a spring centerpiece for years to come. Or, go for the Spring Sonata bouquet that includes colorful roses, tulips, asters, carnations, mums and seeded eucalyptus in a simple terra cotta pot. The Spring Sonata would look great on your patio table, as well!

5. Try a New Coat of Paint
A deep spring clean may be just the way to get your house feeling fresh after a long weekend, but if you're looking for an even bigger change, try a fresh coat of paint in your kitchen or living room. Paint is an inexpensive way to instantly change the look and feel of a room, so it's a great update to make without breaking the budget. Try a sage green or soft yellow that will get you excited for spring but look amazing all year-round.

6. Get Some Sleep!
After all the hard work you've done to prepare your house, get yourself ready for the time change by getting some extra sleep! A week before daylight saving time, start trying to go to bed about 15 minutes earlier to get your body used to the new schedule. That way, when it comes time to spring forward, you'll already be acclimated.

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