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6 Ways to Lift Your Mood Today During COVID-19

There’s no denying the strange times we’re currently living in, and this “new normal” may be a bit stressful for some to handle. Coping with the changes and while remaining positive is a must – the last thing you want to do is get into a negative frame of mind while cooped up in your home.

If you’re recently feeling more down and out than usual, or you’ve been interested in gaining some self-help tips for a while, you’ve come to the right place. Here are a few simple ways to improve your mood and lift your spirits when the going gets tough:

Create a New Playlist

In need of a mood boost or searching for inspiration? Put together a lively playlist of your favorite tunes to get the creative juices flowing.

Watch a Comedy Special

Sometimes, a good laugh is the best medicine. Netflix is busting at its seams with stand-up comedy specials and movies, so grab your popcorn and favorite drink, get comfy on the couch and browse through your options.

Declutter Your Home

With more time spent inside the house, there are plenty of opportunities to go through all of your items and get organized. Set aside some time to declutter and clean each room in your home like it’s never been cleaned before. Make a pile of stuff you plan to give away and take it to a donation center when they open back up.

Let It Out

Bottling up your feelings is usually a recipe for a disaster, often ending in an explosive meltdown. Evaluate how you’re feeling and let it out in whatever way makes you most comfortable. Maybe it’s venting to a close friend – or perhaps it’s getting in an hour of exercise every day.

Set Time Aside to Talk to Family and Friends on a Regular Basis

You likely have more “me time” on your hands today, and that’s while normally helpful, too much of it can be a little disheartening when you’re sticking to the stay-at-home orders. You might not be able to visit your friends and family members as often as you’d like right now, but you can still schedule phone calls and video chats with them on a weekly basis to get in some face time. Talking to others about our feelings helps us to process them, put them into perspective, and obtain advice and support.

Fill Your Home with Flowers

Bright, beautiful blooms have a way of doing a complete 180 on your mood. Give your home the uplifting action it needs by placing a gorgeous Teleflora bouquet in each room of your living space, or at least in the rooms that you frequent the most. Right now, we have stunning summer bouquets to choose from that can help turn your frown upside down with ease.

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