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6 Ways to Empower the Women on International Women’s Day

Did you know that International Women’s Day is Friday, March 8th? This year, make sure you take the time to acknowledge the women in your life and within your community. From texting a girlfriend to creating a petition for women’s rights, there are plenty of ways you can be an advocate for women on March 8, during the month and throughout the entire year. Here are just a handful of ways to empower the women in your life on International Women’s Day:

 1. Wear Red

When you start getting ready in the morning of March 8, pull out your favorite red shirt. Since red is considered the official color of International Women’s Day, you can show your support for the day by donning this hue. You can even encourage your friends, family members and coworkers to wear red as a nonverbal way to show support for the powerful women surrounding them.

2. Read More Books by Women

Create a reading challenge for yourself to only read books by female authors during the month of March. You might take this one step further by creating a book club with your friends in which you read and discuss women’s literature. Try to incorporate more diversity in your reading than gender alone. Since International Women’s Day celebrates intersectionality – the interconnecting of marginalized groups – you should read books by women of different races, national origins, sexual orientations and so on.

3. Be Extra Supportive to the Women Around You

Making a difference isn’t just about the large steps you can take. Adding something small to your everyday actions and behaviors can create a big impact in your local community of women. Send a thoughtful text to a friend or compliment a co-worker for her hard work. Whether they were having a rough day or a fantastic one, uplifting encouragement can really add a spring in someone’s step.

 4. Give Your Friends a Thoughtful Gift

Although kind words can go a long way, a caring gift can express a sense of care that words often cannot. There are plenty of presents you might give your girlfriends. Here are some of our favorite ideas:

  • Homemade desserts
  • A bottle of their favorite wine
  • A coffee mug or piece of home decor that is adorned with a quote that exemplifies girl power
  • A bouquet from our selection of International Women’s Day flowers

5. Share an Empowering TED Talk or Podcast You Love

Sometimes an inspirational quote can only go so far. Plus, we’ve all seen the same quotes from Gertrude Stein, Emily Dickinson, Maya Angelou and Ellen Degeneres thousands of times. Don’t get us wrong, we love the insightful words of these strong women. But sometimes it can be more effective to share insights the people around you likely haven’t heard yet. There are plenty of TED Talks about female empowerment and gender issues facing the U.S. and the world or other podcasts out there. Share one that you love with the women in your life, or even the men, to teach them something new and continue to empower them!

6. Donate or Advocate for a Female-Driven Cause

If you have the means to donate to less fortunate women or have some time to spare to volunteer for them, you might think about working with a charitable cause focused on women. You might consider donating clothing, food or toiletries to a local women’s shelter. Or you might provide your charity to larger-scale organizations that can help women across the country and the world.

However you choose to celebrate International Women’s Day, just remember to build up the women and community around you. Not just on Friday, but every day going forward!

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