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6 Ways to Beat the Back to School Blues

The end of the summer brings an occasion kids often dread: back-to-school. While your children may associate this time with daily homework assignments and having to wake up early, there are many ways to make back-to-school a positive experience. Here are 6 ways to beat the back to school blues that will have you and your kids excited for the new year!

Throw an End-of-Summer Party

End the summer with a bang. Invite friends and family over for water games, a barbeque or even an outdoor movie. With Labor Day around the same time school starts, this could be the ideal weekend to celebrate. Leave your children with fond memories of the summer and the perfect event to say goodbye to the season.

Make a Special Breakfast on the First Day Back

Start the morning with a gesture that will make your children smile. Ditch the typical cereal and milk breakfast and cook a morning treat. This could include chocolate chip pancakes, a tropical smoothie or that breakfast meal they are always begging you to make. Also, be sure to decorate the kitchen table with back-to-school flowers that are bound to brighten up the morning.

Plan a Fun Outing for the First Weekend After School Starts

Give your children something fun to look forward to during the first week back at school. Ideas include a trip to the zoo, a visit to an amusement park or dinner at the family’s favorite restaurant. An impending event will keep them motivated throughout the school week.

Bring Your Children’s Teacher a Token of Appreciation

While the first day of school can be difficult for the students, it can also be a challenge for the teachers. Make the teacher’s day by bringing beautiful flowers when you drop your children off for the day. This will set a positive tone throughout the classroom that will continue throughout the school year.

Create an Exciting Car Playlist

Before school starts, sit down with your children and help them build a playlist they love. While the car ride to school can be filled with dread and complaints, if you play all of their favorite tunes they will forget these negative feelings. Your children will walk into the classroom reenergized if they spent the morning singing along to music that makes them happy.

Greet Your Children with an After-School Snack

By the end of the first school day, your children may come home tired and overwhelmed. A surprise treat at pick up will reenergize them and transform the mood. Make this a tradition throughout the school year and they will be excited for the week as it will bring snacks such as “Taco Tuesday” or “Watermelon Wednesday.”

Transforming how you approach a new school year can easily make your children look forward to this time. By turning back-to-school into a yearly celebration, the transition to the new school year will flow smoothly. Your children will feel a little less sad about the summer ending and be more excited about what is to come.closeup of sunflowers on a desk with an apple phone

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