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6 St. Patrick’s Day Bouquets to Send the Luck of the Irish

St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching! Whether you’re Irish or not, it’s the perfect time to share the Luck of the Irish. Here are six St. Patrick’s Day bouquets to help you spread a little good fortune this month:

Green Bouquets for St. Patrick’s Day

Stick to the classics and pick a bouquet in shades of green. These arrangements are practically bursting with springy leaves and petals. 

Style Statement Bouquet

This verdant bouquet spills over its white ceramic pot and brims with orchid blooms, chrysanthemums, sinuata statice, eryngium, sword fern and pittosporum. This arrangement is lush and balanced, and will bring an air of lively elegance both to your St. Patrick’s Day celebration and your home for weeks following the festivities.

Green succulents fill a white container

Artistic Angles Bouquet

The Artistic Angles bouquet is delicately feminine, architecturally arranged and blooming with green leaves and petals. It includes white asiatic lilies, green chrysanthemums, bells of Ireland, echeveria, zebra and haworthia succulents and variegated aspidistra and galax leaves. Potted in a modern geometric planter, this arrangement is as classy as it is vibrant.

Green succulents and white lilies fill a white container

Green and Gold Bouquets for St. Patrick’s Day

Brighten up your St. Patrick’s Day with pops of color. These lush bouquets are accented with white and yellow blooms.

Brightly Blooming Bouquet

This sunny bouquet is beautifully bright with lovely floral blooms. Yellow asiatic lilies, green carnations, white daisy spray chrysanthemums and green button spray chrysanthemums face every direction in a beautiful flowery orb. The Brightly Blooming bouquet will add just the right amount of sunshine to your St. Patrick’s Day.

Yellow lilies and daisies fill a clear vase

Your Sweet Smile Bouquet

Following the same color scheme as the Brightly Blooming bouquet, Your Sweet Smile ups the elegance by replacing lilies with gorgeous white and yellow roses. Accented with white wax flowers and delivered in a cylindrical glass vase, this arrangement lights up any room with a touch of decadent opulence.

Yellow roses and while roses and carnations fill a clear vase with a ribbon tied around it

Baskets for St. Patrick’s Day

Go big… or go even bigger! These baskets are the perfect way to embrace the Irish spirit on a day of bountiful luck.

Emerald Garden Basket

What better way to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day than with a basket overflowing with greenery? A croton plant, dieffenbachia plant and pink nephthytis plant are delivered in a sturdy, rustic wooden basket in a lovely arrangement which spills out over its sides. The plants are individually potted to make for easy watering and transferring once they outgrow their basket.

Green plants fill a wicker basket

Basket of Joy

The Basket of Joy arrangement is just that. This basket blooms with mounds of flowers on kalanchoe succulents encircled by twisting ivy. Both of these plants are incredibly low-maintenance, so you can simply sit back and enjoy the flowers’ beauty without having to do any of the upkeep. Bursting with white and yellow petals, this arrangement will be your St. Patrick’s Day pot of gold.

White and yellow flowering plants fill a wicker basket


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