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5 Ways to Give Back During the 2020 Holiday Season

There’s no denying how different the holiday season looks this year. Thanksgiving and Christmas get-togethers are going to be much smaller. Many large retailers have already pulled back on being open during their usual Black Friday hours. And the holiday smiles won’t fill the streets as they usually do – maybe they will, but they’ll be covered with masks.

Don’t worry, of course. This doesn’t mean that the holiday season is canceled. In fact, with so many changes occurring, this year poses the perfect opportunity to find ways to give back this holiday season – even if it’s from home. Here are 5 ways to give back during the 2020 holiday season:

  1. Find a Charity That Resonates and Do Your Part

There are many organizations, both locally and globally, that encourage people to get involved and donate to charitable causes. The holiday season is an ideal time to give back to those in need. Do your research, find a cause that means something to you and donate if you can. 

  1. Pack Up Clothes for a Donation Center

You’re likely spending more time indoors now that the cold weather is here. Why not set aside some time to go through your closet and get rid of the clothes you haven’t put on in years? Make a pile for what stays and another for what goes – if the latter is in good shape, take everything you collect to your local donation center. 

  1. Volunteer (with Social Distancing in Mind)

It’s hard to say how many opportunities for volunteering will pop up this year while organizations try to respect social distancing guidelines. Whether it’s a soup kitchen, church or dog shelter, put your name on a list to help out around the holidays.

  1. Send a Christmas Card to the Elderly

Now, more than ever, those residing in retirement and assisted living centers could use a smile, especially as the holiday season approaches. Take advantage of the opportunity to send a Christmas card to a resident. This is a simple way to make a huge difference for someone who may not get to see their family members during the holidays this year. 

  1. Drop Off a Bouquet of Flowers to an Everyday Hero

As a way to thank people for their services, especially as they put in the hours and work long days during the holiday season, drop off flowers to show your gratitude and appreciation for everything they do. Teleflora has so many styles and types of bouquets that make a great gift for anyone in your life. The Shimmer of Thanks Bouquet, for example, is made up of yellow roses, yellow spray roses, light yellow stock, light yellow carnations, spiral eucalyptus and lemon leaf, and is adorned with the word ”thanks” right in the center.

Browse through our other flowers today to thank an everyday hero or cheer up someone who could use a little extra support this holiday season.

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