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5 Ways to Decorate Your Front Porch with Thanksgiving Flowers

Halloween has come and gone. It’s time to put away spooky decorations and blow out the jack-o-lanterns that helped make this socially distant holiday a little bit more normal during these strange times. But just because you’re packing up the adornments for the October holiday, doesn’t mean your front porch stays bare until Christmas – Thanksgiving offers another excuse to dress up your doorway and show your appreciation for the autumn season. Here are a few tips and tricks for decorating the front porch with Thanksgiving flowers:

Hang a Wreath on the Door

A wreath made of fall foliage or seasonal flowers makes a subtle statement for Thanksgiving. This is a great route for someone who doesn’t want to go over the top with decorations but still feels the need to show some holiday spirit. On the other hand, a wreath can be the perfect finishing touch for a decked-out porch. 

Place Pumpkins, Cornstalks and Haystacks on the Stoop
Pumpkins may be more commonly associated with Halloween, but they’re technically a fall gourd and can be just as stylish and useful during Thanksgiving. Make an arrangement of seasonal decor, including cornstalks and colorful pumpkins that sit atop haystacks. 

Light the Entryway

You want to make sure your guests and neighbors see all of the hard work you put into your front porch display, and you also want to ensure they get to the front door with ease once the sun sets. An entryway lighting display like these pumpkin with candles are simple to make and bring a sophisticated touch to seasonal decor. 

Make Use of the Fallen Leaves 

Sure, the fallen leaves can be quite a nuisance if you feel like you’re constantly raking them, but there are so many cute and festive ways to make use of them as decorations. Something as simple as spreading them across your front porch display for a natural look, or even making a wreath out of them are two simple yet creative ways to take advantage of the lovely fall foliage.

Bust Out the Seasonal Flowers
Some of the most beautiful Thanksgiving flowers this time of year include Asiatic lilies, asters, chrysanthemums, dahlias, gerbera daisies, roses, sunflowers and more. Teleflora has a variety of arrangements filled with these gorgeous flowers, such as the Enchanted Harvest Bouquet. This Thanksgiving arrangement comprises brightly colored flowers that are overflowing from a beautiful white pumpkin. It’s the perfect arrangement for your entryway!


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