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5 ways to prank your friends this April Fools Day

If you’ve noticed some weird stuff on the Internet this morning but aren’t sure why, check your calendar – it’s April 1. For all you pranksters out there, this is your special day where it’s totally acceptable for you to fool your friends with all the jokes you have hidden up your sleeves.

If you’re running low on the jokes and need some help in the funny department, don’t worry – Teleflora has you covered.

Here are five harmless April Fools jokes that will have you laughing for days:

1. Confetti bomb
Call up one of your friends and tell them you have a really important letter you need to get to them ASAP. Little do they know, the letter contains massive amounts glitter and confetti. Stuff the envelope with as much glitter as you possibly can and seal it up with tape – a lot of it. The more tape you use, the more force your friend will have to use to open up the letter and surprise! The confetti bomb explodes and your friend is now covered in glitter.

2. Spring cleaning
When your roommate goes to take a shower at some point today, quickly and quietly sneak in his or her room and rearrange all the drawers. Put the socks where the T-shirts are, underwear where the pajamas are – your roommate will be so confused when he or she goes to get dressed!

3. Makin’ cake
Surprise your roommate when he or she gets home with a delicious homemade cake. Little do they know the cake is fake. You’ll need a large, round sponge or a piece of craft foam, frosting and sprinkles. Decorate the “cake” as you normally would and leave it on the kitchen table for your roommate to see when he or she walks in. Try not to laugh when you notice how bad your roommate is struggling to cut themselves a piece.

4. Changing channels
Friday night is reserved for you and your friends to catch up on all the TV you missed during the week. Purchase another remote that looks exactly like the one you already have to have some fun this time around. Before the night begins, hook the second remote up to the TV or this prank won’t work. Your roommate usually takes control of the remote, so as he or she begins flipping through the DVR, start messing around with the remote you have – change the channels or volume. The key to this prank is to be discrete and only use it in small doses. If you overuse it, you’ll blow your cover. If you pull this off successfully, you can use this for months!

5. Shake it up
When you’re out to eat with your friends and one of them gets up to go to the bathroom, carefully unscrew the tops of the salt and pepper shakers. Make sure you don’t completely remove the tops because you want it to look like it’s secure on both. This might be tricky, but try to set up for this prank before the food arrives so there’s still a need for seasoning. Consider teaming up with one of your friends where one of you plans to go to the bathroom with the victim and someone back at the table will be doing the deed.

While all of these jokes are extremely harmless (but hilarious) your friends might be a little hurt that you chose to perform the prank on them. Say “I’m sorry” and have a beautiful bouquet of Teleflora’s Fresh Spring Flower Arrangements delivered right to his or her home. Flowers are always a way to brighten someone’s day, especially after being the target of an April Fools joke.

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    I Should say thanks for these amazing 5 tips for this April fools day…Actually I just missed the opportunity to came here little late but I’ll use your tips for the next time and bookmark this page to use these pranks further. These are really cool tips & I think It could be used to annoy or making fun of my friends. Thank you so much….:)

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