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5 ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers are such an integral part of every person’s life. They’re the ones who introduce you to new ideas, help you discover life-long passions and encourage you to do your best. That’s why Teacher Appreciation Week, which takes place between May 2nd and 6th, 2016, is so special. It’s a time when we get to thank educators for the hard and important work they do. Whether you have a child in school or a particular teacher who influenced your life, you or your kids can say “thanks” with these ideas:

1. Volunteer
Adults can show a teacher their appreciation by volunteering their time. Easy ways to lend a helping hand include cleaning the classroom when school is over, joining group projects, reading with individual students and chaperoning field trips. You may not be able to squeeze in volunteer time during this week, but you can let educators know you want to help when they need you.

2. Start a fundraiser
Many teachers are responsible for funding their own classrooms. While some get a small budget from their school, they still need extra money for notebooks, craft supplies, books, etc. Putting together a fundraiser to ensure educators have the money they need is a practical way to show appreciation. Reach out to other parents to pool your resources. Or, ask a teacher what he or she specifically needs and commit to providing at least one item on the list.

3. Give a gift
You and your child can pick out a gift for his or her teacher. Of course, with so many options, it can be difficult to decide what to buy. Brainstorm both practical and universally loved gifts, such as these:

Gift cards
It’s hard to go wrong with a gift card, as you can purchase one for virtually any store. Cards to coffee shops and restaurants are always safe options.

Flowers can brighten either the classroom or a teacher’s home, and they’re in bloom just in time for Teacher Appreciation Week. Make sure your child’s teacher doesn’t have allergies, then look for a cheerful bouquet to bring a smile to his or her face.

Speaking of joyful flowers, Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet With Roses and Sunny Mood Bouquet both make for uplifting gifts. The former features roses and daisies arranged inside of a smiley-face mug. When the flowers have wilted, the teacher can still enjoy your gift by filling it with coffee. The latter includes roses and lilies resting inside Teleflora’s Color Splash cube, a modern and versatile glass vase.

Desk tools
A personalized stationery set, nice pens or monogrammed stamp may not be strictly essential to teaching, but they’re thoughtful gifts nonetheless. Such presents are out of the ordinary, so they’re sure to make a teacher feel appreciated. Let your child help you wrap the item and give it to his or her teacher.

4. Write a letter
Though writing a letter may be the simplest way to honor an educator, it is by no means any less meaningful. Letters are especially good for adults who are reaching out to teachers with whom they have been out of touch.

Write to a former teacher
If you’re writing a teacher who impacted your life, tell him or her about the moments that meant the most to you. Additionally, explain how this person helped shape who you are today. Reading about a student who went on to do great things is sure to warm the heart of any teacher.

Write to your child’s teacher
Both you and your child can write to his or her teacher. Your letter can thank him or her for educating your son or daughter. This note should have similar thanks, but it can be handmade and creative.

5. Make something
Young children can craft a gift for their teacher. Brainstorm some projects your child can do at home and transport to the classroom. For instance, he or she can decorate a jar to turn it into a pencil holder or make art to hang in the classroom.

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