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5 Tools Every New Gardener Needs

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Starting a garden is an exciting process. It’s fun to imagine the final outcome of your flowerbed or vegetable garden before you’ve even begun digging. Chances are, the early stages of your flower garden will come with many trips to nurseries and home-improvement stores to stock up on your materials. Here are five tools that all new gardeners need in their arsenal to get started:


1. A Hoe
When you begin gardening, it may feel as if all you’re ever doing is digging. Therefore, you’ll want a quality hoe that makes that process a little easier. Once your garden has matured, you’ll still be able to use your hoe to cultivate the soil and cut weeds beneath the surface. It’s probably one of the best investments a gardener can make!


2. A Hose
Summer weather can be incredibly unpredictable, so there’s no telling whether rain will come when your flowers need it most. This is why a hose is crucial to any gardener. It makes the process of watering your flowers much easier than having to continuously walk back to the faucet to refill your watering can. If you don’t have access to a hose though, just make sure you get a quality watering can to make it as easy as possible on yourself.


3. Pruners
Your flowers don’t always grow exactly how you want them to. Sometimes, one side of the plant will grow wild, making the whole thing look lopsided. That’s what a pruner is for! This handy tool will allow you to trim your bushes and keep them looking aesthetically pleasing. Plus it if done appropriately, it encourages flower growth so you can really stop traffic with your beautiful garden.


4. Gloves
While you may not have a problem with getting your hands dirty from time to time, it’s still beneficial for you to invest in a nice pair of gardening gloves. This is especially true if you’re planting thorny flowers, like roses. Make sure your gloves aren’t too big for you, as that’ll make it difficult for you to grip your tools properly.


5. A Trowel
Many beginning gardeners don’t realize they need a trowel until they grow tired of digging the holes for all of their plants with their hands. A trowel is a shovel with a pointed end that make it easy for gardeners to break up dirt and dig the right size holes for their plants. Be sure to find one with a comfortable handle!


Once you’ve planted your seedlings, you’ll be so excited to watch them grow into adult plants. Caring for your flowers and watching them flourish is an incredibly rewarding experience. It takes some time, though! If you can’t wait until your garden has matured to enjoy fresh flowers in your home, then order a gorgeous bouquet, like Fashionista Blooms from Teleflora to help tide you over. It comes with a keepsake vase that you can use for your own flowers when they flourish.

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