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5 ideas for hosting a graduation party

Your child has put so much hard work into his or her education, and it’s finally time to celebrate! That’s right: It’s graduation season, which means you may have some party planning ahead of you. Here are five ideas for making your bash one your graduate will never forget:

1. Make a social media hashtag
​Your guests will likely snap party photos from their phones. Encourage everyone to share their images on social media with a unique event hashtag. For instance, you might make yours #LaurenKGradBash2016. Then, everyone who posts an image on Twitter or Instagram can include that hashtag, allowing you and other partygoers to search the hashtag to see photos.

Ideally, your hashtag will have the grad’s name, a mention of the party and the year in which it takes place. Before you start circulating your hashtag, search the term on social media to make sure it’s not already being used. You may have to be creative if your original idea has already been taken.

Once you decide on a hashtag, let your guests know what it is. You can include it in your party invitations, or post signs throughout the event that include the hashtag. Once the celebration is over, go through the images online and save any you want to keep for yourself.

2. Decorate with school colors
From ordering fresh flowers to hanging garlands to choosing tablecloths, your decorations offer plenty of opportunities to sport school colors. When it comes to placing flowers throughout the party, you have options. Either pick bouquets that combine both school colors, or choose one arrangement with one shade and one with the other.

Teleflora’s Beautiful in Blue bouquet includes a mixture of white and blue flowers, perfect for a school with the same hues. Or, does your child’s school sport red? Then go with Teleflora’s Rose Classique arrangement. When ordering graduation flowers online, you’ll have plenty of appropriate and beautiful options from which to choose.

In addition to themed decor, your food and beverage choices can also feature school colors.

3. Celebrate accomplishments
While in school, your kids may have gone above and beyond to achieve great things. From winning sports championships to earning academic recognition to earning a high rank in extracurricular activities. No matter what accolades your grads have received, you can celebrate them at your party!

Set up a trophy table where you can place the physical evidence of your children’s achievements. Also include photos from throughout their educational journey or any artwork they created. If the party is a few weeks after the commencement ceremony, you can even put out their diploma, graduation cap and photos from the big day.

This accomplishments table allows family and friends who may not be aware of all your kids have done to learn about their journey.

4. Look ahead
While reminiscing about everything that got your child to where he or she is now is a fun way to celebrate, you should also look ahead to the future. Graduation parties are meant to send the graduate out with joy, so prep your son or daughter for the next step. For instance, you can put out pens and colorful stationery where guests can write advice or well-wishes. Include a box or jar where everyone can deposit his or her note. Your child can take that treasure trove of kind words wherever he or she goes next.

5. Build a photo booth
Make some new memories by installing a photo booth at the party. This can be as simple as putting up a backdrop on a wall and letting guests take selfies in front of it, or as elaborate as including props and asking one person to be the designated photographer. No matter what route you take, make sure your photo booth fits the theme. For instance, your backdrop can be a chalkboard or include a banner that says “Class of 2016.” Additionally, make sure your booth is large enough for your child and his or her friends to pose together.

If you did make a hashtag, put a sign with the phrase near the photo booth so partygoers will remember to use it.

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