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5 fall flower wedding trends

5 fall flower wedding trends

Flowers should never be an afterthought for a wedding – the right colors and combinations of blooms have the power to transform the ambience and truly set the mood. This fall, brides are taking more chances with their botanical choices. Regardless of whether you're going for an over-the-top glamorous affair or a quaint, intimate ceremony, consider these top trends when you're picking out the fall blossoms for your big day.

Organic blooms

From the menu to the lighting, couples are going green in many ways when planning their weddings, and flowers are no exception. The Knot reported that environmentally-conscious brides in particular might be eager to take advantage of locally grown flowers for multiple reasons. For one, you're lessening your environmental footprint by utilizing blooms that were grown close to the actual venue as opposed to flying some in from a foreign country. Secondly, the source noted that with organic flowers, you're less likely to expose your guests to potentially toxic pesticides and chemicals. If your wedding is in your hometown, choosing a nearby nursery is also a great way to support local business and honor the area in which you were raised.

Loosely structured forms

While some brides might opt for perfectly polished bouquets, others may prefer less structured forms. Susan Lee-Bishop, Four Seasons Hotel New York Catering Manager, told Four Seasons magazine that some arrangements may even look slightly unkempt, as if they were just taken from nature. This is an especially interesting idea for less formal outdoor weddings as it might seem that the decorations were plucked from the surroundings.

Karen Splendido, owner of Splendid Stems in Niskayuna, N.Y., told Times Union magazine that peonies, dahlias, hydrangeas and mums that have large petals look lovely in a looser, haphazard bouquet.

Varying textures

The best way to create an eye-catching floral piece is by integrating unexpected elements for added texture. Consider combining a range of blossoms that have contrasting shapes and sizes, which are a lot more visually interesting than just a couple varieties.

Centerpieces are no longer limited to just flowers, either. Try adding gourds, dark leafy greens, branches or wheat berries, all of which evoke the natural aesthetic of autumn and winter. The Knot recommended mixing in ferns or lotus pods as eccentric accents. You could even incorporate vegetables: Michele Peters, owner of Ambiance Florals & Events in Albany, N.Y., explained to the Times Union that she's has used artichokes for an element of surprise. Michaela Manchester, floral designer at Felthousen's Florist & Greenhouse, Schenectady, suggested adding dried pods or pine cones for an unusual look.

Elaborate bouquets

Remember Princess Diana's extravagant bouquet? Coby Neal of The Flower Studio explained to Four Seasons magazine that he expects many brides to be emulating that unforgettable array with enormous calla lilies and similarly stunning flowers. He also noted that incorporating branches studded with glittering gems and other glamorous accents will become more common. These details make for a whimsical, fairytale wedding.

Unusual vases

Forget traditional containers for holding your flowers. While a glass vase is classic, The Knot pointed out that blossoms are even more striking in an unusual copper bowl, lichen-covered pot, or even a silver trophy cup. For a rustic vibe, consider a wooden container, which will look as if the flowers are still in their natural setting. In keeping with the overall trend this fall of variation, The Knot also noted that it's becoming increasingly common to utilize vases of diverse sizes and shapes. You could even collect simple antique bottles of different heights from thrift shops or your own family's attic for a vintage appeal.

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