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5 Easy Ways to Freshen Up Your Home This Year

Designing a living space that’s more coordinated and cleaned up isn’t the only thing that’s important. Creating a home that feels like home is equally essential to make 2021 comfortable, especially during these strange times. Ready to build a living space that exudes coziness and amplifies your personal style? Here are a few tips to get started:


  1. Give an Outdated Room a Fresh Coat of Paint

Take a look around your home and decide which room needs the most TLC. If there’s a space that hasn’t seen an update in decades, dedicate some time in January to painting the walls a new hue. Go bold with a bright color, or bring things down a notch with a neutral tone. Let your personality dictate the next best color for the room reevaluation and redesign. 


  1. Upgrade Your Furniture

Once you’ve said goodbye to an outdated paint color, you can also say sayonara to old furniture. You don’t have to re-furnish every room in your home, but changing up the pieces you utilize the most can be worthwhile. A living room, for example, tends to see a lot of foot traffic and could work wonders if given an update to furnishings. 


  1. Get Rid of Excess “Things”

For many, the start of the new year means one thing to start: reorganizing. Dedicate some time every weekend to go through all of the excessive toys, trinkets and objects throughout your house and decide what’s a necessity and what you might consider non-essential at this time. Gather those things and donate them to a local shelter. 


  1. Take Advantage of Natural Lighting

The days might be shorter during the winter, but that doesn’t mean you can’t maximize the natural lighting you do get throughout the day. Hang window coverings that allow you to take advantage of the natural lighting, such as sheer, white curtains. Or, you may even consider getting rid of your window treatments altogether and sticking to shades for privacy at night. 


  1. Treat Yourself to Flowers, Regularly 

Looking for a simple way to make your living space more lively than ever before? Fresh flowers can elevate your rooms to the next level this year. Plus, it’s a great gift to yourself. Who doesn’t love being greeted by a fresh bouquet of flowers every day?


At Teleflora, we understand the impact flowers can have on people. That’s why we’ve created bouquets tailored to mesh with every season so you can complement a refreshing home for the new year with gorgeous, fresh floral arrangements.

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