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5 Easy Birthday Gifts to Buy in July

It can be easy to lose track of time in the summer. Your weekends likely consist of lying outside to soak up the sun, spending time catching up with friends or getting caught up on sleep. No matter how you’re spending your summer, there’s no doubt the season is flying by. You probably even have few birthdays to celebrate. If you’re scrambling around for the right gift for your partner, friend or family member with a July birthday, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of some of the most sought-after birthday gifts to receive in midsummer.

  1. Flower Arrangement

Looking for something beautiful to spruce up your loved one’s home? A bouquet of fresh flowers can be just the right thing to show your love and friendship on their big day. For someone celebrating a July birthday, go ahead and give them an arrangement that features this month’s birth flower, the delphinium, also known as the larkspur. These stunning buds, which usually appear in shades of blue and purple, are gorgeous on their own or as an accent piece in an arrangement.  Another great bouquet to send is your loved one’s favorite flowers- knowing this will make them feel extra loved on their special day.

  1. Beach Tote

Something that people always need in the middle of summer is a versatile beach tote that they can use to lug around their towels, sunscreen and other seaside necessities. Why not surprise the July birthday boy or girl with a beach bag they can use for years to come? You can find totes at all your favorite retailers at this time of the year. Because it’s peak beach season, you should be able to choose from a variety of colors and fabrics. We suggest sticking with a hardy material like straw or canvas, or looking for a waterproof bag that will keep belongings dry if the tide sneaks up on them.

  1. Ruby Earrings

Maybe you’re looking for a gift for that special someone. Nothing compares to the look your partner will give you after gazing upon a gifted piece of jewelry. You can go all out by surprising them with earrings adorned with rubies, July’s birthstone. It’s a gift that they will treasure for the rest of their lives, wearing them on special occasions or just because.

  1. Serving Pitcher and Glasses

If you’re looking for something a little less romantic and a bit more practical, you might give some glassware to your friend or family member with a July birthday. Whether their specialty drink is tasty lemonade, strong sangria or refreshing iced coffee, they will love having a nice vessel to put out for their guests and family members in need of a cold beverage. You might go for something basic, like simple glasses, or try to find a set that fits the color scheme of their kitchen. Maybe you’ll find some handmade glassware from a local seller that serve as a statement piece. No matter what you go with, this is a gift they will love and regularly use.

  1. Zodiac Trinkets

Is your loved one with a July birthday a follower of astrology? Depending on their date of birth, they’re either a Cancer — if their birthday falls before July 23 — or a Leo — if their birthday is July 24 or later. Whether they live by their daily horoscope or check it out for fun from time to time, they may appreciate a fun, Zodiac-themed present, such as:

  • A Cancer or Leo mug that they can enjoy their morning cup o’ joe in
  • A necklace that includes the shape of the constellation that suits their star sign
  • A handmade candle made with essential oils that correspond to their Zodiac sign
  1. Insulated Water Bottle

Another summer essential is a vessel designed to keep drinks cold. Insulated water bottles are pretty magical, with the ability to keep ice from melting for hours on end. Find a brand that allows you to customize the color and size you’d like to get your loved one. Another great thing about these bottle is that they aren’t just made for water. Your eco-friendly loved one will appreciate that plenty of coffee shops serve beverages in customers’ reusable vessels, thus reducing their plastic use every day.

White and blue flowers fill a metal can sitting outside a blue door
photo cred: @elanaloo
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