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5 DIY Holiday Decorations for St. Patrick’s Day

St. Patrick's Day is a lot of fun, whether you're celebrating with your kids or hosting a party at home. The day, marked by green decor and clothing, leprechauns and the luck of the Irish, is meant to celebrate St. Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. People celebrate the fun holiday with classic Irish symbols, including the color green, shamrocks and even the traditional Irish dish corned beef and cabbage. If you're having a St. Patty's Day celebration this year, or you just want to decorate for fun, take a look at these five cute and easy DIY holiday decorations:

1. A St. Patrick's Day Wreath
You can make this St. Patrick's Day decoration with a basic foam wreath from a craft store and any number of decorative materials. Consider wrapping the foam wreath with green yarn or ribbon for instance, for something simple and elegant. You can also use real plants to create a more natural wreath. Try wrapping a foam or wire wreath in moss, leaves or even green and white hydrangea blooms for a beautiful and rustic look.

2. A Colorful Bouquet
Use green, white and yellow blooms to create a perfect centerpiece bouquet for your St. Patrick's Day table. Springtime flowers that are ideal for a decorative bouquet may include carnations, daisies, mums, roses, Asiatic lilies and alstroemeria, all of which can be found in the appropriate colors for celebrating the holiday, For some extra charm, arrange the bouquet in a vase painted with shamrocks or green and white stripes. 

If you want to send someone a St. Patrick's Day bouquet as a gift, consider Teleflora's Emerald Elegance or Brightly Blooming bouquets. Either arrangement will put a huge smile on anyone's face. 

3. A Lucky Shamrock Charm
Make a 3D shamrock charm that you can hang in the windows or attach to your wreath. Use patterned green fabric to cut out four shamrocks – they should all be the same shape but four different sizes. Layer the shamrocks on top of each other from largest on the bottom to smallest on top. Then, using a needle and green thread, stitch a straight line through the middle of the clovers to fasten them together. Fold them on the sewn line and iron them on the fold until a crease appears. When you unfold them, the shamrock layers will stick out for a three-dimensional decoration!

4. A Leprechaun Hat Bowl
If you're having a party, your guests will love this easy DIY project. You'll need an inexpensive plastic bowl (look for one in the relative shape of a bowler hat), some green craft paint, a paint brush, a sponge, a black ribbon and some gold construction paper or card stock. Paint the bowl green on both the inside and outside. Use the sponge to gently add texture to the wet paint on the outside of the bowl, then let it dry completely. Wrap a piece of black ribbon around the outer rim of the bowl, attaching it with glue or double-sided tape.

Then, cut out the shape of a rectangular buckle from your gold paper, and attach it to the ribbon – the bowl will look like an upside down hat. Now, just fill it with chocolate coins, and you'll have a hat full of leprechaun gold!

5. A Rainbow Chain
If your kids want to get crafty with you to celebrate the holiday, help them make a simple paper chain to hang from the ceiling. Use links of each color in the rainbow in order as many times as you want. Then, when the chain is long enough, cut out the shape of a leprechaun's cauldron from black paper and attach it to the end.

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