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4 Ways to Update Your Holiday Decor

Is there a more pleasant memory than when your parents would load your family into the car to drive around the neighborhood and look at Christmas lights? Those homes with twinkling lights were always the epitome of holiday cheer. While you’re probably decorating the outside of your home this season, you should also channel this Christmas energy indoors. Here are a few ideas for simple holiday decor that’ll get you in the festive spirit:


Fresh Wreaths
What’s Christmas decor without a wreath? This classic piece looks festive on your front door or hanging above your mantle. Hanging Teleflora’s Classic Holiday Wreath in your home this year is the perfect sign that you’re ready to embrace Christmas cheer and is a simple decoration that makes a big statement. You can even make your own with sprigs of evergreen, holiday ribbon, poinsettias and baby’s breath. Fresh wreaths and even mini Christmas trees are quick and easy way to get the holiday spirit started, especially if you are working or traveling a lot leading up to the big day. They are safe and quick to set up!

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Holiday Cards
It’s always a joy to receive Happy Holiday cards from your loved ones. Not only do we like to know that someone is thinking of us during the holiday season, but cards are usually so aesthetically appealing as well! Take these Christmas cards and create a garland with them, or fix them to the wall in your home’s entryway. Depending on the amount of cards you receive, you can hang them on the wall leading upstairs or down a hallway as well. This will be a reminder of how much you’re loved, all holiday season.


Christmas Flowers
Speaking of flowers, don’t limit decorating your home with blooms to spring and summer. In addition to adorning your dining room table with an extravagant centerpiece, like Teleflora’s Mercury Glass Bowl Bouquet, you can place seasonal flowers in vases all over your home. For example, adding a single red rose and a few leaves of holly in a bud vase on your coffee table is a great way to decorate without taking up too much space in your living room. You can also hang mistletoe above entryways to different rooms in your home or wrap evergreen garland with poinsettias, pinecones and holly fixed to it along the banister of your staircase. Not only will this look gorgeous, but it’ll smell like Christmas as well! You can even spray the garlands and flowers with glitter for a little extra sparkle.

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Festive Ornaments
Whether you are decorating a Christmas tree this year or not, there are plenty of other plants in your home you can deck out as well, if you have them. For example, you can hang ornaments from the ficus tree or wrap a trunk with red ribbon. You can even decorate your bamboo plants with ribbon so they look like peppermint sticks. Or prop candy canes in the dirt of your house plants! This is a cute and quirky way to decorate every area of your home without having to take up space or think of somewhere to store decorations in the off-seasons.


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