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4 Ways to Support Local Small Businesses This Holiday

Small businesses are what make our towns special. Unfortunately, many of the family-favorite restaurants, bakeries, music shops and more are struggling to get by this year because of the pandemic. 

With the holiday season just around the corner, now’s the perfect time to show your love and appreciation for small businesses while they’re going through this difficult period. Plus, the satisfaction of helping out a brick-and-mortar store while making a friend or family member smile with a sweet gesture is exactly what the holiday season is all about. Here are a few ways to support a small business during the holiday season:

  1. Shop

What better way to help out a local establishment than by purchasing their goods? It’s a great year to avoid the big retailers and instead show your hometown some love. If you’re nervous about shopping in person, see if your local store has a website to ship directly to you or order over the phone for curbside pick-up.

Local florists are a great small business to support during the holidays (and all year long)l. 100% of our bouquets are arranged and delivered by local florists. So every order supports a local small business. Whether you want to deck your own halls or plan to gift a bouquet this year, there are dozens of options for seasonal flowers that we offer. If you simply want to support a local business and you trust the expertise of your florist, our Deal of the Day option allows you to pick a price point and let the florist take care of everything else. It’s a great opportunity for a small business owner to have some fun and express their creativity during the holidays.

  1. Don’t Forget about Small Business Saturday

Everyone knows about Black Friday, but Small Business Saturday is the next day and offers a great opportunity to get out there and show your local artisans, bakers and stores some love. Remember, things might look a little different this year because of COVID-19, so make sure to check in with your local favorites ahead of the holiday before you plan on spending the day shopping. 

  1. Spread the Word on Social Media 

While small business owners generally rely on word of mouth when it comes to getting their name out there, social media makes it much easier to do so these days. You can do your part by sharing and liking, as well as commenting on their posts so more people can get an idea of what the business has to offer.

  1. Leave a Review

Want to go the extra mile? Leave a review online on your favorite local business. Many new customers look online to see what kind of reputation a small business has before they check them out, so even a few nice words can go a long way. 

Whatever you can do this holiday season and beyond to help a local business will go a long way!

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