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4 Ways to Support Local Businesses in Your Area

Over the past few years, local businesses have been hit hard and they’ve been fighting to survive in these economic conditions ever since. This holiday season, and throughout the year, is a great time to support the local businesses in your area however you can. It’s beneficial for the smaller organizations in your neighborhood and for you and your community in the long run as well. 

Why Supporting Local Businesses is Important

Not only are you supporting the dreams of small business owners in your community, but shopping locally has spillover benefits that are great for everyone. This can strengthen your local economy and create more jobs in your area. Moreover, buying locally has been found to reduce environmental impact and improve your family’s health, as less transportation is required and local food distributors are generally a healthier choice. 

If you’ve been looking to contribute, here are four ways you can support local businesses in your community:

  1. Learn About the Local Businesses in Your Area

You may not even be aware of all of the small businesses in your neighborhood, so this is a great excuse to take a day to explore your community a bit further and see what it has to offer. We suggest trying to leave the car at home and see what you can find on foot. Who knows, you might just discover your new favorite bookstore or restaurant along the way. 

  1. Help Out Digitally

More and more local businesses are using technology and social media to get their product or service seen as much as they can. An easy way to support these small businesses is to tag a friend on their post or even share it on your social pages for all of your friends to see. Even something as simple as leaving a positive review can be great word-of-mouth that they are sure to appreciate. 

  1. Shop and Eat Locally 

Shopping and eating in your area may be the most important way to support the local businesses in your community. This usually involves tipping, buying gift cards, getting takeout from restaurants in the neighborhood or ordering delivery for your favorite products. For example, Teleflora offers exquisite flowers that are always arranged and delivered by local florists. Supporting local florists is not only valuable for the community, but it means all of our stunning bouquets, like Teleflora’s Eternally Elegant Bouquet or Teleflora’s Heart Stone Bouquet, are delicately arranged and beautifully unique. Every bouquet you order supports a small business in your (or your loved ones’) area. 

  1. Go the Extra Mile 

Sometimes supporting small businesses in your neighborhood means simply showing them your care and appreciation. You can check in with local store owners to see how they’re doing or what you can personally do to show them your support. Or, refer your favorite places to friends and family so everyone can help out and enjoy. 

These approaches may seem simple, but a little support can go a long way. So, check out the local businesses in your area today and help your community flourish. 

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