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4 Ways to Recharge from the Holidays

The holidays are a great time to reconnect with loved ones and escape responsibilities for a while, but they can also be a bit stressful. With the pressures of gift-giving and often a lot of excess family time, it’s okay to feel burned out when getting back to your daily routine. 

As the holidays come to an end, here are four ways to recharge so you can feel revived for the year ahead. 

  1. Set Goals and Intentions for the Year

If your time of sleeping in and eating amazing holiday meals has quickly come and gone, it can be the perfect time to set your goals for the coming year. These can be common resolutions like working out more and eating healthier, or they can be unique to whatever you need. The best part is, there are no set rules! But, it’s best to set goals that aren’t overambitious so you don’t feel like you’re underperforming or doing less than you expected. Simple goals can help you recharge and prepare for the year. You’ll feel accomplished and ready to take on more arduous tasks later on.

  1. Focus on Self-care 

The holidays are generally a time to focus on others. If you weren’t out finding the perfect gifts for your loved ones, then you might’ve been decorating your home or preparing appetizing meals for your family in town. As the new year kicks off, it’s valuable to remember the importance of focusing on self-care. Taking actions to improve or preserve your mental health is a necessity to start the new year happy and healthy. Self-care can be anything you need at the time, but simple ideas like reading a new book, drinking more water, journaling or even taking a step back from social media can be good places to start. 

  1. Refresh Your Home with Flowers

One of the best parts about the holiday season is the decorations that make your home feel full and joyful, and taking them down at the start of the year can be hard if your home starts to seem empty again. A great way to make sure your home is filled with life and color is to refresh your household with beautiful flowers and bouquets

With hot pink roses, peach gerberas, purple spray chrysanthemums and huckleberry, a bright and bold arrangement like Teleflora’s Mid Mod Brights Bouquet might be the perfect way to keep your home cheerful in the new year. Or, something more classic like Teleflora’s Eternally Elegant Bouquet could bring a touch of refinement and charm to your favorite spaces. Roses, white lilies and accents of calming eucalyptus in a matte white vase bring an air of peace to your home as you recharge for the new year. 

  1. Take Daily Mindfulness Breaks

Getting back to your normal schedule after a break from “real life” is always difficult. However, a great way to ensure that you maintain a sense of balance throughout the year is to take 10-minute mindfulness breaks whenever you need them. The new year is often a time of focus and motivation to grow, but it’s equally important to slow down every once in a while for clarity and mental energy along the way.

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