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4 Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Wreath at Home

Your holiday decorations may be in tip-top shape, or perhaps they’re lacking a bit. If you are looking around your home and not experiencing the warmth of the holiday season, you might want to amplify your decorations. One way to brighten up your home around the holidays is to incorporate fresh Christmas wreaths. If you can’t buy a premade wreath this year, give making your own a try! Making a DIY wreath can take some time, but the finishing product will be incredibly unique and one of a kind. Here are some of our suggestions on how to spruce up your Christmas wreath, DIY style:

1. Play Up the Plaid Trend
On runways, in home goods stores and everywhere in between, plaid has been the dominant pattern this fall and winter. Though plaid has never gone out of style, it seems that this cozy cloth has become more prevalent than ever. One way to create a modern yet timeless, cozy and chic touch to any wreath is to incorporate a classic plaid ribbon. You can purchase a large plaid bow or ribbon at your local craft store for a small cost, making this a budget-friendly way to innovate any winter wreath.

2. Jingle All the Way
Another small but whimsical addition you can make to any Christmas wreath is a set of bells. Like ribbons, you can buy bells at any craft or home goods store for a low price. Depending on the colors of your wreath and the style of your home, you might decide to incorporate a rustic, gold bell, or perhaps a set of brand new, crisp silver bells. This easy DIY adornment will add some character to any Christmas wreath. Plus, if you place your wreath on a door, the bells will jingle every time someone opens and closes it, reminding you of sleigh bells and immediately putting you into the holiday spirits.

3. Do It All Yourself
If you want the satisfaction of making a wreath on your own, rather than adding to those that you purchased, you might want to create your own Christmas wreath using natural elements. There are plenty of online tutorials that show you how to make your wreath at home, but you’ll need to make sure you have the right supplies: two rounded wires (which you can create using old coat hangers), a hot glue gun and rich, seasonal greenery. You can gather this greenery yourself by searching your yard for branches or utilizing some extra branches from your Christmas tree. Play around with different textures, like dried flowers, cinnamon cloves, cranberry bushels, pinecones, fresh flowers and other gorgeous features. You’ll love the added bonus associated with creating your own fresh Christmas wreaths: the incredible smells it will spread throughout your home!

4. Monogrammed with Love
A nice gift you can give to your loved ones – or to yourself, of course – is a dainty monogrammed wreath. You can buy or create your own wreath that uses the letter of one’s last initial to create a personalized family emblem this holiday season. Maybe instead of a letter, you’d rather shape your wreath into a symbol, like a heart or – by stacking three wreaths in ascending order of size – a snowman.Green Christmas wreath with a red ribbon hanging on a red door

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