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4 Ways to Celebrate World Teachers’ Day

October is a hectic time for teachers; it’s no longer the first few weeks of school, so they have to encourage their students to hit the ground running with their lessons and assignments. That’s why it’s important to celebrate teachers at your local school district this month. Here are some small, thoughtful ways you can celebrate World Teachers’ Day on behalf of yourself, your family and the district as a whole:

New Books

No matter what subject the teacher covers – English, History, Spanish or Science – there’s a good chance this academic likes to read in their spare time. If you’re looking to give them a thoughtful present for World Teachers’ Day, consider a copy of a book they can display on the bookshelf in their classroom or at their home. Try to go subject-based with your selection; a history teacher might enjoy a copy of a new nonfiction book that documents the Vietnam War, while an English teacher might prefer a copy of the novel that won this year’s Pulitzer Prize for fiction.

Flower Arrangements

Very few things brighten someone’s day quite like a lovely bouquet of fresh flowers. Whether you’d like to give them some fall flowers to bring the spirit of autumn to their classroom or want to shop around for specific kinds of blooms, there’s no doubt a nice arrangement will go over nicely.

A Personalized Plaque

Every teacher in TV and movies has a nice plaque on their desk with their name on it, but not quite as many real-life educators have them. A thoughtful gift you might decide to give on World Teachers’ Day is a plaque engraved with their name. You might decide to have one made – though you might not be able to get it to them on time for World Teachers’ Day, that’s no problem – or you might make it yourself using some wood and some funky-colored paints. When the teachers put their plaque on their desk for the first time, they’ll feel professional and polished.

Gift Cards

When you’d like to show an educator how much you value what they do, you can never go wrong with a gift card. If you know they need their Starbucks fix on their way into school, think about presenting them with a gift card, so their next coffee or two can be on you. Or maybe they could use some extra classroom supplies to keep their students on task and productive; a gift card to a local office supplies store can come in handy.

It’s worth noting that many states have requirements that prohibit teachers and administrative staff from accepting gifts above a specific dollar amount, particularly from their students. No matter how much you want to shower some of the star teachers at your district, make sure you stay compliant with these rules.

Whether you gift flowers or a personalized gift, it’s all about acknowledging the educators in your life. Their work often goes under appreciated, so it’s nice to remind teachers how much they actually mean to you and your family.


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