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4 tips to organize your home for spring

With spring comes crisp air, blooming flowers, singing birds and of course, cleaning and reorganization after a long winter. This year, start the season off right, and bring the fresh vibes of spring into your home. It’s time to get rid of all those items that are collecting dust, and make some changes in your current organization methods.

Not sure where to begin? Don’t worry – Teleflora created an easy spring cleaning guide for you to have your home organized in no time. Here are four tips to get you started:

1. For notes, cards and important papers
If you find yourself at a garage sale or antique shop, be on the look out for wooden shutters – extra points if they’re distressed. Hang the piece in your entryway, kitchen or common room so the whole family has access to it. The shutter’s louvers are the perfect spot for invitations, lists, artwork, important messages, bills, etc. This is a great alternative to just piling up papers all throughout your home. Add a spring touch to the shutters and scatter foliage like airplants and succulents throughout the crevices.

2. For your broom closet
Are you sick of having a broom, feather duster or vacuum topple over or fall on you every time you open the closet door? Well, there’s an easy fix for that! Tidy up your closet by purchasing sturdy hooks from your local hardware store. Nail them onto the walls and door, and hang all your cleaning utensils and tools up on the hooks. Get even more organized, and tape a label about each item so you know exactly what to reach for and where to put it back when you’re done. Place all your cleaning supplies in a bucket and store that in the closet as well.

3. For your keys
Finding your keys in the morning may be a struggle, especially if you’re already running late. If you are the type of person who often forgets where you place your keys the second you put them down, a key organizer is a must have. If you’re feeling crafty, create a custom-made key rack. Purchase a large picture frame and place a piece of cork behind the frame. Insert thin hooks into the cork board, create labels and you’re done! The labels could be what the specific key is for or, if you have a large family, create a hook for each member. This will help declutter your counter space and significantly reduce the amount of time everyone spends searching for their keys.

If you have a couple of extra hooks, adorn the key organizer with blooms that are starting to deteriorate. Simply hang the flowers upside down and let them dry out. For your reference, hydrangeas dry beautifully. While their coloring does start to fade, the dry flowers can last between 9 months to a year.

4. For your bathroom toiletries
It’s hard keeping the bathroom organized, especially with all those hair tools and products, lotions and other essentials. It’s time to clear the windowsill, tackle the medicine cabinet, and rid the area around the sink of all those toothbrushes. Need more room for storage? Transform the unused wall space above the toilet and install shelving. Consider assigning a shelf for each member of the family so everyone has their own designated area in the bathroom. You could even hang some shelving on other unused wall space and place bucket or bins on top for everyone to store their bathroom necessities in.

Now that the extra space in the bathroom is free of random items, add some life by placing couple of potted arrangements like these Blooming Plants or Zen Florals & Plants onto the windowsill. This is a great way to brighten up the room for spring.

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