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4 Succulent Plants that Make the Perfect Holiday Gift

With the hustle and bustle of business occurring around the office, there’s hardly any time to water and care for houseplants. So when you’re looking to give someone a little something to keep at their office, you should think about giving them a low-maintenance plant. Succulents are a popular gift to give for the holidays to your boss, coworker, spouse, or friend because of their ease of care. They only need to be watered once a week (if that), and need only minimal exposure to sunlight. Here are some of our favorite succulents to send this holiday season to those you’re thinking about:

Flourishing Beauty Bouquet

This is a lovely bouquet that makes for a perfect addition to any desk. With a lush mixture of white roses, white Asiatic lilies, green carnations, green cushion spray chrysanthemums, green hanging amaranthus, bupleurum, leatherleaf fern, parvifolia eucalyptus, pitta negra, seeded eucalyptus and a large green potted echeveria succulent, this arrangement will transform any dull office space into a beautiful garden. The arrangement’s white flowers contrast nicely against its bold greenery, especially the lovely succulent accent piece.

White roses, succulents, greenery, and more fill a ceramic bowl

Desert Beauty Succulent Garden

If you’d rather give your co-worker or pal a nice plant rather than a floral arrangement, you might consider our Desert Beauty Succulent Garden, which adds a unique look to any office. The arrangement – a combination of green sedum succulents, a large green echeveria succulent and small green echeveria succulents – is easy to care for and interesting to look at. This plant arrives in a weathered slate round pot, a simple, timeless vase that can keep these succulents alive and thriving for months (or even years!).

Succulent garden in a ceramic pot

Teleflora’s Chevy Camaro Plant Garden

Is your boss or co-worker a car buff? Any automobile enthusiast can’t resist the charm and sleekness of a vintage Camaro. Consider sending them our fun plant garden that arrives in a ’67 Chevy Camaro keepsake. The arrangement of plant life consists of curly willow, green sedum succulent, large echeveria succulent, golden moss fern and zebra haworthia, all of which are relatively simple to care for, even for those who lack a green thumb.

Succulents fill a chevy camaro vase

Teleflora’s Peaceful Zen Garden

Between piles of reports, countless deadlines and a plethora of meetings filling their calendar, someone close to you probably has a lot on their plate at work. For a holiday present, think about giving them something will bring zen to their workplace. This lovely succulent garden arrives in a brown rectangular bamboo container that is eye-catching when placed on any desk or tabletop. The succulents are set alongside some river rocks and natural river canes of bamboo, which give the piece some added visual interest and an increased sense of zen.

Bamboo and succulents fill a bamboo container

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