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4 Patriotic Crafts to Brighten Your Home

Now that the kids are done with school for the year, they might be looking for some ways to keep busy. Encourage your kids to be creative and crafty while also getting in the spirit for the 4th of July by setting up some fun craft activities. You can kill two birds with one stone, keeping the little ones appeased while bringing some red, white and blue into your home. Here are some of our favorite patriotic crafts:


Clothespin Flag Wreath

Looking for a fun, inexpensive craft that can add some patriotic flair to the front of your home and keep the kids entertained for hours? Try making a clothespin wreath that is painted to resemble an American flag. All you’ll need is a 12-inch wire wreath, a pack of clothespins (100-count might be the best option, as it’s better to have extra supplies than not enough), a hole punch that cuts star shapes, super glue, a hot glue gun and red, white and blue spray paint. You should have no trouble finding each of these materials at your local craft store.


You’ll need to divide the clothespins into thirds, then spray paint each section red, white and blue. Take your star hole punch and cut star-shaped holes into a piece of white paper. Super glue the white stars to the blue clothespins, distributing them evenly. Then begin adding the clothespins to the wire frame, separating them strategically by color – four red clothespins together and four white together to represent the stripes, as well as a chunk of blue (adorned with stars) on the left side. Step in with the hot glue gun to fasten any clothespins that aren’t hanging onto the wire as well as you’d like. You can find the full tutorial on Miss Butterbean, which includes visual step-by-step instructions.


Pinwheel Hair Clips

Maybe the little lady in your household is looking for a fun addition to her 4th of July ensemble. This red, white and blue pinwheel hair clip is simple and economical to make. All you’ll need is red, white and blue felt strips, plain hair clips, a star-shaped jewel and a hot glue gun. First, you’ll need to make the pinwheel by gathering two felt colors and cutting 3-inch by 3-inch squares of felt. Cut 1.5-inch slits at each corner going toward the center (but not all the way in). Father every other corner to the center, attaching them with hot glue as you go along.


When you have four sides glued down, glue your star to the top. You can hot glue this finished pinwheel onto the hair clip. Make sure your kid waits for the glue to dry for a few hours before trying it on. For a full run-through of these directions, check out this post from Eighteen25.


Festive Slime

Kids love playing with slime. It’s fun to make and cool to play with. The only ingredients you’ll need to get to make some slime are white glue, liquid starch, food coloring and glitter. You could make three separate slimes in the colors red, white and blue, or you could combine all three colors into one slime concoction. To do the former, you’ll need to divide the slime into three sections and add each type of food coloring (and glitter) to each. To do the latter, you can make a basic white slime that is decorated with red and blue sparkles and glitter. For a full tutorial, including how much glue and starch you’ll need, check out this article from Simple Play Ideas.


DIY Vase

Perhaps you’ve decided to decorate your home with some nice flowers this season. You can upgrade your bouquet while getting the kids engaged in some creative arts and crafts by letting them decorate one of your vases. There are plenty of styles your children can go with. They could paint one of your plain vases, adding stripes and stars around the base for a handmade piece that will have sentimental value for years to come. If your kids would prefer something quick and elegant, they might tie a red, white and blue ribbon around the circumference of the vessel, reinforcing it with hot glue in case it needs some help staying attached.


These are only a few of our favorite 4th of July crafts. Will you be crafting this summer?

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