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4 Outdoor Graduation Party Decorating Ideas

It’s that busy time of year – grad parties, grad parties and more grad parties. The late spring and early summer mark an exciting time in many young adults’ lives, as they’re moving from one point in their lives to another, from high school to college or to work. If you’re in the process of planning a party to celebrate your 2019 grad, you might be overwhelmed with excitement (and by all the tasks you’ll need to do to prepare). Check out our list of 4 outdoor graduation party decorating ideas that are fun and easy!

School Spirit

When it’s time to decorate for a graduation party, it feels natural to go with the team colors of the school the graduate has just left. If the student is graduating from high school and about to head off to college (or if they’re going right from college to graduate school), why not decorate the outdoor space with both sets of school colors? You should have no trouble finding streamers, plates, cups, napkins and balloons that match the alma mater’s color scheme. You can even add some graduation flowers in school colors as well!

Graduation-Themed Desserts

You can plan the party’s menu to match the decorations and theme. Here are some clever ideas we’ve seen that have been a hit at graduation parties:

  • Chocolate graduation caps: Take a solid chocolate square, some icing, an M&M and either a Reese’s peanut butter cup or a Rolo. Use the icing to attach the Reese’s or Rolo onto the chocolate square. Then secure the M&M onto the top of the chocolate square and draw a little line beside it in icing to look like the tassel. Voila! A delicious graduation cap dessert!
  • Diploma Pirouette cookies: A dessert that’s just as fun to look at and even easier to make are these cute cookies. Pirouettes, which are in the shape of a rolled cylinder, already look like a rolled up scroll. You can embellish these sweet treats by taking a gum paste or fondant and forming them into flat circles. Use this same ingredient to make little ribbons that hold the “wax seal” onto the Pirouette. It’s a great no-bake snack!
  • School spirit cake pops: Cake pops are always a crowd pleaser dessert because they’re portable, portion-controlled and photogenic! Use your favorite cake-pop recipe to make this delectable snack, then decorate each cake pop with the school colors of your child’s high school, college or graduate school.

Photo Collages

Since graduation is considered a milestone – a pivotal coming-of-age moment in many young people’s lives – it can be a great time to reflect on the past and just how far they’ve come to where they are today. Pull out some pictures you’ve taken of your child and family throughout the years and display them in collages throughout your backyard.

If you’d really like to go above and beyond, create a digital slideshow to project the photos on a loop throughout the duration of the party. Your kid’s friends will love to see all the embarrassing and cute stages of your child’s life, from their thumb-sucking and potty-training days to their awkward adolescent stage. Plus, it gives you a great excuse to show your party guests how adorable your child was as a baby and to reflect on the good old times.

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