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4 College Care Packages to Send Your Kids

College is an exciting time to get a taste of young adulthood, all while working hard to make something of themselves. Even though your kid probably loves the independence of living away from home, there’s no doubt they have an ounce of homesickness – not that they’d outwardly admit it!

You can give them the comfort and love of home, even if they go to school thousands of miles away, with a thoughtful care package. Here are a few of our favorite homemade college care packages:

  1. Flower Power

There’s no better way to brighten up their dorm room than with a nice arrangement of fresh flowers for flower delivery. Whether you’re looking to congratulate your child on a job well done on a recent exam or trying to comfort your homesick kid, flowers are just the right gift to lift their spirits and keep them motivated and inspired to work hard. When you order flowers through Teleflora, you can have high-quality arrangements hand-delivered right to your child’s dorm room or mail center. There’s no doubt your kid will feel loved when they’re handed this lovely display.

  1. Fuel for Finals

While your child is making friends and memories at college, there’s no doubt they’re putting in the hard work and hustle to earn top marks. Why not give them a care package that gives them the energy to push through some long nights of studying in the library? You can make your own care package with “finals fuel,” some of their favorite snacks they can munch on while hitting the books. In addition to the chocolate and chips you’ll probably be adding to their box, try to sneak in a few healthier options, like nuts, granola bars and dried fruit. The sugar high that they get from sour candies might taste and feel good at first, but the energy they’ll get from a genuinely nutritious snack will prevent them from crashing.

  1. Microwaveable Munchies

Dining hall food can be decent, but what happens on nights your kid misses the meal cut-off time? Don’t let your kid go hungry; send along a care package filled with snacks and meals that just involve adding water and popping into their microwave. Microwaveable soup, mac and cheese and oatmeal are some solid low-maintenance, nonperishable items they can keep in their dorm for a quick and easy pick-me-up.

  1. Extra Bits and Pieces

There are plenty of different items your kid might have left behind when they were home for summer break. Instead of waiting for your next trip to them (or their next voyage home), send along these items in a care package, along with a thoughtful note from the family. In addition to putting in items they forgot at home, add in some new essentials, like extra socks and additional toiletries they can keep on hand to avoid venturing off-campus to their local convenience store – or paying astronomical prices on these items at the campus bookstore.

Sending a small care package or flowers will not only brighten up your kids’ day but it will also give them that extra, much-needed boost as they go into midterms!

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