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3 Ways to Celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week

Teachers don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. Kids can be tough, but we all know that deep down they appreciate what their teachers are doing for them. This year from May 8th through May 12th, celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week and give a much deserved thanks to the teachers that you don’t know what you would possibly do without. You can also honor the ones you’ve had in the past or a special teacher in your life (even if they aren’t your teacher). Here are 3 ways to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week:

Send a Flower Arrangement

Flowers make the perfect gift for teachers because they are beautiful and compact, fitting nicely on their desks. Whether you want to send it individually or from the whole class, Teleflora’s Be Happy Bouquet with Roses gets the the “thank you” message across beeutifully. With our GLSEN partnership, you can also enjoy 20% off your Be Happy flowers, with 10% of the proceeds from each bouquet going to GLSEN, from May 1-12. We promise that a beautiful Teleflora flower arrangement will put a smile right on your teacher’s face and help him/her get through the final weeks until summer break!


Give a Gift Card

A gift card is also another great way to show a teacher how much you appreciate his/her hard work all year. Does your teacher go to Starbucks every morning or love a specific restaurant? Go with that! Unless you know his/her favorite store though, it’s safest to go with a place where anything can be purchases, like Target or Amazon. This way your teacher can buy whatever he/she wants, whether that be personal or for the classroom. Include a short message in the card, and if you’re sending it from the whole class, have everyone sign it. There is no way that your teacher won’t like it!


Supplies They Need

While you certainly don’t want to give a teacher more things they don’t need, supplies can never hurt! Check in to see what they are running low on or just restock on their favorites. It can be a huge help as the year winds down because he/she can have everything organized and prepped for next year’s classes. Getting supplies and easing some unneeded summer stress? It’s a win win for your teacher. You can even get cute printables to go along with the supplies that are punny and heartfelt, without being too over the top.


Doing something small for Teacher Appreciation Week is all it takes to remind the teachers in your life how important they really are! Let us know your favorite way to thank a teacher below!

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