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3 Summer Sympathy Flowers to Send Loved Ones

During times of sorrow, a beautifully arranged sympathy bouquet express feelings of comfort, love, and hope, bringing peace to those in need. From conveying a simple “thinking of you” before the funeral or sending over an arrangement weeks afterward to show them you have not forgotten about their recent loss, there are many ways to show a family or individual you care with flowers during a difficult time.


If the funeral occurs during the summer, you might want to support your loved ones with seasonal blooms that convey the perfect meaning at the right time. Choosing the right bouquet or arrangement can be challenging, however, especially if you aren’t sure about the specific meanings or what flowers are blooming. Not sure what would be the right choice for sympathy flowers? Here are three ideal and thoughtful summer sympathy flowers you can choose from:


  1. Lilies

This flower is the most popular bloom associated with funeral services as they are typically interpreted as a symbol for innocence, rebirth, and renewal to the soul of a departed loved one. As a powerful symbol of hope, this may be the perfect summer flower for a grieving family. If you choose the white lily, this flower evokes purity of spirit and majesty, while the white stargazer lily conveys a feeling of sympathy with the receiver. The white color and symbolic association of purity also make it an appropriate choice for a funeral where someone died young.


  1. Carnations

As another common choice for sympathy or funeral arrangements, the carnation is typically associated as a symbol of love but comes in a variety of colors with various meanings. For example, red carnations evoke feelings of intense admiration, while pink represent remembrance and white symbolize innocence and purity, much like the lily. It is an appropriate choice to express love for any loved one who has passed.


  1. Tulips

Though not as typical of a sympathy flower choice, this flower blooms all season long, making them another good choice for a summer funeral. As they symbolize renewal, fresh starts, and grace, much like the daffodil, they can be seen as giving bereaved family members hope after their loved one has passed on. Meanwhile, they come in a wide range of colors, such as yellow (cheerfulness), white (forgiveness), purple (royalty), and red (love), meaning that you can find the perfect arrangement of colors to best represent the recently deceased.


These are only a few sympathy flowers that you can send when sending your regards the passing of a loved one. No matter what you send, knowing that you are there for support is all your loved ones really need.

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