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3 Reasons to Send Valentine's Flowers to Your Girlfriend's Workplace

Valentine's Day is on a Saturday this year, which means it will be easier than ever to share a romantic evening with your sweetheart. However, just because the holiday falls on a weekend doesn't mean you shouldn't take every opportunity to surprise your girlfriend with a lovely romantic gesture, like sending a Valentine's Day bouquet. In fact, having a flower arrangement hand-delivered to her office the day before is an amazing way to start the romantic weekend earlier than planned, and she'll never forget the way it makes her feel. Take a look at these three reasons you should send your girlfriend a Valentine's Day bouquet while she's at her office on Friday:

1. She Won't Be Expecting It
The surprise factor is one of the best parts about sending your girl a beautiful flower arrangement a day early. Even if the two of you have planned your entire Saturday out from morning until night, this is one part of the holiday she won't be planning for, which is a lovely way to take her off guard. Unexpected gestures are a great way to show love in any relationship because they're thoughtful, personal and heartfelt. Plus, they're the parts of a relationship that each person will remember the most down the road. 

2. They'll Make Her Feel Special
Sending flowers to a woman while she's at her office is more than just an unexpected gesture – it's a great way to make her feel special in front of her co-workers. After receiving a bouquet, she and the gift will get some attention from the other people in her office, making her feel even more treasured and beautiful. 

3. She'll Know She's Loved
Giving flowers has traditionally been used to show someone love and care, even in platonic or familial relationships. In a romantic relationship, though, flowers can be a great way to say "I love you" to your partner from afar. Sending your girlfriend a Valentine's arrangement will not only make her feel special – she'll feel very loved as well.

What Kind of Flowers to Send
If you aren't sure what kind of flowers to include in a Valentine's Day arrangement, you may want to consider starting with roses or carnations. Red and pink roses are known for symbolizing love and romance, while red carnations denote deep love and affection. Teleflora's Sweet Embrace and Swirls of Love bouquets both have roses and carnations among other lovely flowers, making them perfect Valentine's Day arrangements.

If you'd rather send something a little more unique, consider what her favorite flowers are or try to recall any flower-related experiences you shared as a couple. For instance, you may have gone to a tulip festival one spring or particularly enjoyed looking at lilies while visiting a botanic garden. Orchids are a unique and beautiful way to celebrate the holiday, and they too symbolize love along with beauty and strength. Arrangements like Teleflora's Imperial Purple Orchid or Opulent Orchids are stunning, unique and will even last a bit longer than a traditional bouquet. 

Tips for Sending a Bouquet to Her Workplace
If you are planning on sending flowers to your girlfriend's office, there are a few guidelines you should keep in mind. For one, it's a good idea to order the flowers ahead of time around Valentine's Day because it's one of the busiest times of year for florists. Also, make sure you're choosing a delivery service that hand-delivers bouquets in vases, rather than in boxes (Who wants to arrange a bouquet themselves?). Teleflora will allow you to choose a florist to order from and will hand-deliver the flowers for you, making the whole process easy. 

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