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3 Adorable Rainbow Flower Ideas for Same-Sex Wedding Ceremonies

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The rainbow has been a symbol of LGBT pride since the late ’70s, when it was first created by Gilbert Baker. Baker is an artist and drag queen who wanted to create a flag that gave the gay rights movement a unified image of identity. The rainbow’s many colors signify the diversity within the community, and its brightness stands for pride, joy and energy. The history and symbolism of the rainbow make it the perfect color scheme for a same-sex wedding. Here are some ways you can incorporate the rainbow into your big day:

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1) Your Wedding Party
One idea that will bring the rainbow to your event is with the flowers for your wedding party. You can choose boutonnieres in rainbow colors, and pin them to the wedding party’s suits in the order they’ll walk down the aisle. The same can be done with bouquets or corsages, creating a rainbow as your attendants appear and line up on either side.

For a special effect, you can arrange it so when everyone is standing up at the front, a rainbow pattern will stretch across both sides of the wedding party. This will wow your guests, and it could be a fun surprise: The pattern might not be clear until the entire wedding party has appeared. This will work best with single-color flower accents, like Teleflora’s Purple Promise Wristlet.

Bridal bouquets can also be an opportunity to show off your pride. A bouquet full of bright, multi-colored blossoms will be both beautiful and eye-catching, and will pop against a bridal gown. If you have a flower girl, you can use rainbow flowers to decorate her hair, and give her rainbow petals to drop as she walks down the aisle.

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2) The Venue
Look for opportunities to bring rainbow-colored flowers to your ceremony space. One possibility: If a unity candle is part of your ceremony, set the candle in front of a rainbow arrangement like Teleflora’s Fancy That Bouquet. The flowers will create a halo of color around your candle, and provide a beautiful backdrop.

To decorate your aisles, you can hang small arrangements of flowers from the ends of the rows of seats. Each arrangement can be multi-colored, or you can have a spectrum of hues running down the aisle. Looking for something more simple? Use white flowers in clear vases or jars, and use food coloring to tint the water.

3) The Grand Exit
After you’ve been pronounced wife and wife or husband and husband, you’ll make your way out of the ceremony space. This is one of the most exciting parts of the ceremony for you and your guests, and is a time of joy and celebration. Make confetti out of multi-colored flower petals, and have them available in small bags for your guests to toss as you head from the ceremony to your car or nearby reception. Not only is this type of confetti totally eco-friendly, it will add a colorful, exciting touch to your photos.


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