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2019’s Top Grad Gifts to Give This Year

Do you know someone who’s taking the next big step in their life?  Graduation is a big moment in a young adult’s life, an event that’s certainly worth celebrating! Whether it’s your kid, grandchild, niece or nephew, god-child or friend finishing up their college education in 2019, there are plenty of options on ways you can say congratulations to the recent grad. Here are four awesome grad gifts for your loved one completing such a significant accomplishment.

Cash, Checks or Gift Cards

Giving cold hard cash sometimes seems like a cop-out gift. Some people argue that it lacks creativity. However, what does a recent college graduate need more than money at a time like this? They might have blown through their savings during their last semester of college, rewarding themselves and making memories with their friends. Especially if they didn’t graduate with a job — or aren’t starting their job for a few months — this young adult could likely use some dough. There’s a reason cash is the most popular gift for 2019 graduates, as per Fortune.

Flowers Delivered Right to Their Home

If the graduate is having a grad party, their home might be overloaded with balloons, streamers and college banners. Something they might be missing out on is a bouquet of flowers. Even if the graduate isn’t having a party, nothing brightens up their home quite like a colorful arrangement of fresh flowers. Check out our selection of spring flowers and pick out a bouquet that you think best suits the graduate.

A Wardrobe Staple

Whether the graduate is about to start interviewing for jobs or is beginning training for their first “adult” job in a few weeks, they’ll need some items to transition their closet from college chic — mostly consisting of “athleisure” and outfits suitable for nightlife — to young professional.

Depending on the field they’ll be entering, they might need to conform to a casual, business casual or professional dress code. No matter, they’ll need a few statement items to sharpen up their wardrobe. A nice blazer or new pair of shoes can do wonders. Make sure you know their size — or have the receipt on-hand — and pick out something you know they’ll use. A trendy item might seem like a fun choice, but it’s always best to stick with the classics, which they can use for years to come.

Another clever way to help out the graduate’s wardrobe is by giving them a clothing delivery subscription. These have grown in popularity in recent years, delivering clothing to customers that match their size and taste and allowing them to send back any items they aren’t crazy about.

A Book on Professional Development

Whether the graduate is planning on being a salesperson, marketing coordinator, teacher, social worker, programmer, paralegal, business analyst or anything else in the “real world,” they might use some tips on improving their work ethic and building their skills to achieve their dream career. A professional development book related directly to the industry or career the graduate is pursuing provides them with some substantial summer reading that promotes self-improvement. Just because they’ve earned their degree doesn’t mean they shouldn’t continue learning and growing, right?

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