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12 Days of Teleflora Christmas Flowers

On the first day of Christmas, what will you give your true love? With such a variety of flowers available from Teleflora, nobody on your Christmas shopping list will have to go without a gorgeous bouquet that reflects his or her personality and tastes. Here are some of this holiday season’s most popular Christmas flowers:

Sparkling Star
The Sparkling Star centerpiece is perfect for anyone who loves to entertain during the holidays because it doubles as a Christmas centerpiece and a holiday serving bowl. In a glass bowl etched with stars, complete with two elegant red taper candles, a this will impress all of your recipient’s guests.

  • Flowers: Red roses, red miniature carnations, white cushion spray chrysanthemums.
  • Accents: Noble fir, white pine, lemon leaf.

Shop Teleflora's Sparkling Star Centerpiece

Thomas Kinkade’s Jolly Santa Bouquet
This arrangement is perfect for anyone who loves a classic Christmas display. Perched atop a lush flower bouquet is a charming collectible featuring Christmas trees, and a line of children waiting for their chance to sit on Santa’s lap.

  • Flowers: Red roses, red spray roses, white miniature carnations.
  • Accents: Variegated holly, flat cedar, noble fir.

Shop Thomas Kinkade's Jolly Santa bouquet

Snow Day Bouquet
Remember that excitement when it was announced that school was closed for a snow day? Anyone you send the Snow Day Bouquet to will experience that same feeling when this flower arrangement, hand-delivered in a snowman-decorated cookie jar arrives at their door.

  • Flowers: Red roses, white carnations, red miniature carnations, white cushion spray chrysanthemums.
  • Accents: Noble fir, white pine.

Shop Teleflora's Snow Day bouquet

Gift Wrapped Bouquet
Everyone loves a bouquet that serves another purpose. This festive arrangement is accented with cute silver baubles and even doubles as a sparkly present ornament once you take the flowers out! It will add glitz to your loved one’s Christmas table for years to come.

  • Flowers: Red roses, red miniature carnations, green button spray chrysanthemums.
  • Accents: Flat cedar, variegated holly, noble fir.

Shop Teleflora's Gift Wrapped bouquet

Send a Hug® Christmas Cardinal
Seeing a cardinal with a snowy white backdrop is known as a good omen, so why not embrace the scenery with a Christmas Cardinal bouquet? This arrangement comes in a large white mug adorned with paintings of the vibrant, seasonal bird and doubles as the perfect hot cocoa mug.

  • Flowers: Red carnations, white miniature carnations, red miniature carnations.
  • Accents: Noble fir, white pine, flat cedar, seeded eucalyptus.

Shop Send a Hug Christmas Cardinal bouquet by Teleflora

Silver Christmas Bouquet
Are you dreaming of a white Christmas or a silver one? This arrangement is perfect for someone who loves the holidays and embraces decorating, as the keepsake crimson glass cube the bouquet is nestled in can be also used as a vase or candleholder.

  • Flowers: Red roses, white carnations, white cushion spray chrysanthemums.
  • Accents: Seeded eucalyptus, white pine, lemon leaf.

Shop Teleflora's Silver Christmas Bouquet

Sparkling Snowflake Tree
If you’re going to send a loved one the Sparkling Snowflake Tree, be sure to do it before Christmas because he or she will want to show it off to everyone who comes to visit for the holiday! Complete with silver ornaments, a keepsake glass cube and a snowflake tree topper, it’s a gorgeous festive option!

  • Flowers: Miniature red carnations.
  • Accents: English boxwood

Shop Teleflora's Sparkling Snowflake Tree

Red Poinsettia
When it comes to Christmas decor, you need to include a poinsettia plant or it just won’t look complete! This vibrant red plant will be delivered in a 6-inch pot in a woven basket and accented with a red velvet ribbon.

  • Flowers: Red poinsettias.
  • Accents: N/A

Shop red poinsettias

Deck the Halls Tree
If you know someone whose halls still need to be decked this holiday season, send the message with this adorable tree-shaped centerpiece, complete with small gold ornaments and red ribbon for festive flair.

  • Flowers: Miniature red carnations.
  • Accents: English boxwood.

Shop Teleflora's Deck the Halls Tree

Holiday Homecoming Basket
Is there someone who isn’t able to be home for Christmas this year? For a taste of home, send him or her this basket. This basket comes with potted plants, rather than cut flowers, so they will last a long time with a little TLC.

  • Flowers: Red poinsettia, white cyclamen.
  • Accents: Green pothos, variegated dieffenbachia.

Shop Teleflora's Holiday Homecoming Basket

Classic Holiday Wreath
Nothing makes a house feel more like a welcoming holiday haven than a gorgeous wreath on the front door. Surprise a loved one with a fresh wreath accented with pinecones and red ribbon, hand delivered by a local florist. He or she won’t even want to take it down after Christmas!

  • Flowers: None.
  • Accents: Noble fir, juniper, red berries.

Shop classic Christmas wreaths

Glitter and Gold Wreath
We all have a friend or family member who marches to the beat of his or her own drum. Surprise your unique friend with a glitzy Glitter and Gold wreath accented with pinecones, gold ribbon and even sparkly golden leaves.

  • Flowers: None.
  • Accents: Noble fir, laurel leaves.

Shop Teleflora's Glitter and Gold Wreath

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